Voluntouring Disclaimer:

As members of the voluntouring project we do our best to publish only volunteering requests that appear decent, interesting, reasonable, educative and safe.

However, when you contact the hosts, remember to ask them for as many references as possible.
We don't provide insurance, so safety is your own responsibility.

(for the best travel insurance go HERE)

"we must take adventures in order to know where we truly belong"Fortunately, there are many ways to make sure that hosts are good persons and they have a recognized or registered activity.

Ask them to show you their company website, Facebook page, LinkedIN, Instagram, or other social network profiles; ask for any photos or information that are proof of the legitimacy of their claims.

Follow your instinct and if you don't feel good about a place, simply don't go there!

Definition of volunteering

According to the European Youth Forum, an activity can be defined as voluntary only if:
  • it is undertaken on its own initiative and involves a commitment of time and energy to carry out actions in favor of others and of society as a whole.
  • it is not paid (although reimbursement of expenses directly related to the activity is foreseen)
  • it is for a non-profit-making cause and is mainly carried out within a non-governmental organization and is therefore not motivated by material or financial benefits
  • it is not used to replace a paid job.


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