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free volunteering opportunities
You travel, you help the locals and you get hospitality in exchange!

Guidelines - Rules

This group strictly enforces posting rules, found in the group description. Joining just to promote non volunteering related material will result in a ban.

Your post hasn’t been accepted/published in our facebook group or website?

Discover why by reading these simple rules:


No links to external websites*, workaway or other paying host list.
No spam or hidden advertisements
No arrogant/offensive behaviours or impersonal messages
No post duplicates
* You can add a link to your website but images shown have to come from manually uploaded files.


  • japan girlVolunteer/help request with a (description+photo) template
  • Travel companion requests (description +photo) template
  • Host/volunteer opportunity requests (description +photo) template
  • Sharing volunteering experiences (with pictures, no link to personal blog*).

Furthermore, we ask members (hosts & volunteers) to:

  • 1) write a detailed description of the exchange they're offering or looking for. 

You can start with a simple title such as: “Volunteering opportunity in France”, “Cultural exchange in Iran”, “Looking for help in the UK, London”, etc...

IMPORTANT: If you are a host, please don’t forget to mention if you're charging a fee for volunteers in the description.

  • 2) always attach photos: you must have rights to use them, and they must represent the people, the place & the activities of the volunteer opportunity.
Also, see FAQ PAGE at the section "how can I register as host/organization?"

Sorry, but your post won't be published if it doesn’t meet these requirements. :'(

Example of Template

Example of a good post:

Example of a bad post:

Host description

Dear host, when you write a volunteer request don't forget to provide the following information:

  •     General information about the farm/home family/ecovillage/organization/NGO/hostel/ranch.
  •     Information about the place (environment, curiosity, geography, folklore). How to get there?
  •     Information about the volunteering activities (what kind of activities will the volunteers do)?
  •     How many volunteers can you host/do you need?
  •     How many hours are the volunteers expected to help each week?
  •     Can you confirm to be able to provide accommodation and food included?
  •     What are the volunteers' benefits? (example: cultural exchange, free tours, use of the car, pocket money, etc.)
  •     What type of accommodation? (home, apartment, tent, tipi, dormitory, treehouse, castle etc. etc.)
  •     Extra activities during the free time?
  •     Which language will be spoken?
  •     Is there internet access?
  •     Others...

For more info read our FAQS (frequently asked question).

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