How it works

Quick guide

 Using this platform is very simple!
  • To find volunteering opportunities use the SEARCH BAR

Where to find the search bar

Please, see the picture:

There's also a search bar appearing on top when you scroll down the page!

How to use the search bar

On the search bar write down the name of the country where you would like to volunteer or write other keywords such as 
  • "permaculture", 
  • "community",
  • "children", 
  • "gardening",
  • "au pair",
  •  "eco-village", 
  • "self-sufficiency",
  •  "job",
  •  "paid", 
  • "videomaking", 
  • "hostel",
  •  "teaching"
  • "Africa"
  • etc. etc.) 

Submit a volunteer request

To publish a volunteer request/announcement  click here.

Read the F.A.Q.s for more detailed information


If you like the spirit and the work of please help us with a small donation (you can buy us a coffee!). :)


  1. Where is the search bar?

    1. You can find it on the left bar, under "Search the opportunities".

  2. There's also a search bar appearing on top, when you scroll down the page.

  3. Как можно подписаться на новости сайта?

  4. Hi every body if you are looking new experience and learning about techniques organic farm.please come to join us at the organic farm in the northern of Thailand.

    1. To submit a volunteer request write to us:


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