Your money can support local communities and organizations in need.

Unleash the volunteering opportunities!

This website wants to freely publish the addresses and contacts of hosts, organizations, agencies, eco-farms, and other volunteer opportunities around the world. A sort of Wikipedia of travelling and volunteering opportunities!

travel for lifeMany travellers, nomads, tourists, volunteers are long-term explorers and can't afford to pay fee subscriptions every year or for each host place!

So here's the idea: this space wants to help you find volunteering opportunities in exchange for food and accommodation, for free. 

No need to subscribe, to have a profile or to spend money.

Use it and share it!

If you want to help Voluntouring, don't hesitate to contact us.



-SLOW TRAVEL movement

[from WIKI]:
Slow Travel is an evolving movement that has taken its inspiration from nineteenth-century European travel writers, such as Théophile Gautier, who reacted against the cult of speed. [...]
Advocates of slow travel argue that all too often the potential pleasure of the journey is lost by too eager anticipation of arrival. Slow travel, it is asserted, is a state of mind which allows travellers to engage more fully with communities along their route, often favouring visits to spots enjoyed by local residents rather than merely following guidebooks. [...]


free volunteering opportunities


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  1. This is really a wonderful gesture to offer ourselves as one people of God. This type of activity though it is a costly and risky affair many come forward with or without knowing the difficulties and consequences. We should create a corpus fund and volunteer. Let us organize ourselves as a Global NGO and do our best. I will render my total support from India.
    Cheers to my brothers and sisters.

    1. Thanks for your nice message! Please feel free to write us if you want to help.


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