1) Announcement/volunteer request service

Are you a host? Are you looking for volunteers & helpers?

Are you a volunteering organization, an NGO or other no-profit organisations? Would you like us to help you promote your organization?

Send us a message!

We feature volunteering opportunities in our VOLUNTOURING online travel magazine.
The more information you send, the better the chance of finding volunteers that will help your organization.
For more info read this page (FAQ page).

2) Free host list

Do you travel with a purpose?  Has volunteering been a part of your lifestyle for a long time? Then perhaps the list can help!
You don't have to pay or subscribe in order to scroll the list of volunteering opportunities.

Use the search bar (top of home page OR in the side bar). 
voluntouring logoWrite down the name of the country where you would like to volunteer (example: Thailand, Germany, Italy, Uganda) and use a keyword (example: wwoof, farm, teaching english, construction, hostel, ecovillage, etc. etc.).

Hopefully you will find an interesting opportunity that matches your profile and interests!

You didn't find any interesting opportunity? 

Use our Voluntouring Facebook group. New opportunities are added on a daily basis!
Read the facebook group GUIDELINES:

Don't forget to spread the word! It is the only way for this service to work.

3) Are you looking for a travel companion?

Write an announcement describing yourself and your plans. When it's done, why not, we will post it online. :)


Only for organizations, NGO, eco-communities. 

Do you need a free website?

Contact us. Website will be free of charge (engineered by blogger or wordpress).  

5) Fundraising opportunities

Apply to become a partner and be listed in our donation page. We will do our best to sponsor and promote non-profits organizations and other eco-initiatives!


Travel Insurance 

For the cheapest and most convenient travel insurance please see this page.

If you like the spirit and the work of please help us with a small donation (you could buy us a coffee!). :)

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