How to obtain a Visa to work and volunteer abroad

If you want to immigrate to any country in Europe, you need to study the immigration requirements of that country to qualify for immigrant visa (or Permanent Resident visa).

Normally most countries will impose certain:

  • educational qualifications,
  • proficiency in language of the country,
  • skilled experience that is in demand in that country,
  • your age
  • marital status

After knowing the requirements, if you think that you qualify, then you can prepare and submit your application to the embassy of the country nearest to you.

Your application will be checked and processed, if successful then you will be issued immigration visa to enter the country and stay and work (or volunteer) there indefinitely.

Below you can discover how to get a Visa for volunteering in the country you want to visit.

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The links provided in this page will forward you to articles related to “how to obtain a Visa” in a specific country.

  1. Please note that there is no such thing as a “volunteer visa” per se.
  2. Second, note that any employment — even for no remuneration — usually requires a work permit/work visa.

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