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“Volontouring is all about hosts and their visitors sharing their culture, experiences and skills. The hosts who are part of our community always provide a welcoming atmosphere for their guests”.

Unleash the volunteering opportunities!

We started this website with the idea to freely publish the addresses and contacts of hosts, organizations, agencies, eco-farms, and other volunteer opportunities around the world.

A sort of Wikipedia for travelling and volunteering around the world!

Volunteers don’t have to pay, or subscribe, to browse our database.

Long-term volunteering

travel for lifeMany travellers, nomads, eco-tourists, volunteers, are long-term explorers; they cannot always afford to pay fee subscriptions.

Besides, even when you pay for the subscription there’s no guarantee that you will be able to find a host that suits you.

Volunteers don’t have to pay or subscribe to browse our database.

Volunteering for everybody

Paying for volunteering is also not affordable for everybody.

This is why we created theย free volunteering opportunitiesย section.

In each article/announcement, you can find the contact detailsย or the application forms so that you can directly get in touch with the hosts.

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There’s no need to subscribe, to have a profile or to spend money for a database search.
Use it and share it!

If you want to help Voluntouring, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Otherย Philosophies inspiring the voluntouring concept

1) Slow travel movement

The slow travel movement is the idea of travelling at a relaxed pace, spending more time in one place, and really getting to know its culture, people, and environment. Instead of rushing from one tourist spot to another, slow travellers take their time to immerse themselves in local experiences, often preferring longer stays, local accommodations, and slower modes of transportation. It’s like choosing to walk or bike through a town instead of just driving through it, so you can truly appreciate the details and the journey itself.

2) Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism means travelling in a way that respects and benefits local people, the environment, and the economy. It’s about making choices that minimize negative impacts and help preserve the places and cultures we visit. Imagine visiting someone’s home: you’d want to be polite, not damage anything, and maybe even bring a gift. Responsible tourism is a bit like that but for entire destinations.

3) Freeganism & the Free culture movement

Freeganism is a lifestyle choice where people try to minimize the use of money, especially by avoiding buying new products or services. The Free Culture Movement is like the idea of a public library for the digital age. Instead of locking up music, books, art, or software behind strict rules, this movement believes that people should be free to share, use, and even remix these works. It’s all about allowing creativity to flow without barriers, while still respecting creators.

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  1. This is really a wonderful gesture to offer ourselves as one people of God. This type of activity though it is a costly and risky affair many come forward with or without knowing the difficulties and consequences. We should create a corpus fund and volunteer. Let us organize ourselves as a Global NGO and do our best. I will render my total support from India.Cheers to my brothers and sisters.

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