Ecovillage Sainte Camelle in the South of France welcoming helpers!

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Sainte Camelle Ecovillage – We are looking for helpers until the 20th of June 2018 for helping us with the:

  • little wooden buildings
  • ecological equipment for summer camp
  • little work in the forest
  • embellishment

We will be very pleased to welcome you if you are available…

Other info

We can share collective life: games, songs, dances, hiking, personal development, healthy life, happiness…
Visiting the surrounding area (mountains, character villages, โ€ฆ)is possible too.

We provide accommodations with caravans or tents. Camper vans are also accepted.
Please, bring your sleeping bag.

Organic food is provided.

Many activities are available such as :

  • Toulouse and other cities sightseeing
  • Hiking in the mountains
  • Play Music
  • use of our library
  • Railway station and bus station
More information about Sainte Camelle Ecovillage

“Our eco-village is located in Ariรจge on a surface of 10 Ha. We are about twenty people to live this great adventure. We have all chosen this way of life because we believe that the gathering of different skills, experiences, and identities is a real answer to some of the current problems of our society. Namely the problem of predominant individualism. The gathering also allows the collective intelligence to express itself.
We put a lot of heart into preserving a harmonious relationship between us because we have experienced that it is the basis of living together.
Of course, this requires the effort of real inner work for each one. That is to say, to be aware of our strengths and weaknesses. Each of us has chosen to be a plus for this collective and not to be the “ball and chain” that brings a problem.

We have a common vision so that each one of us can express our full potential, be fully ourselves in the service of our common mission.
We have chosen to be happy and to share our happiness.”


You can have information on our eco-village on our web site

Sainte Camelle Ecovillage Website:
e-mail: contact@saintecamelle DOT fr

Facebook page:

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