Help us Improve the English pronunciation of kids in Thai Binh City Vietnam

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Teaching English in Thai Binh! New World’s mission is to provide very affordable English lessons for students regardless of their social background (rich and poor). New World recognizes the importance of the English language and the opportunity it provides for people in the labour market that’s why it provides affordable English lessons for all people regardless of age. Our long term goal is to reach the ethnic minorities in the outskirts of Thai Binh and provide English lessons there as well.

What are you looking for help with?
  • Computer/Web
  • Teaching/Language Exchange
  • Marketing
General info

We are an English School set up to benefit kids of all ages set in the northern part of Vietnam. Located in the main city of Thai Binh district, we try our best to provide very affordable English lessons to Vietnamese children in and around Thai Binh City. We achieve this through the application of an array of games, workshops and lessons, and with the help from a number of foreign volunteers. We set ourself apart from other English teaching schools in Vietnam in that we host the largest number of foreign English speaking volunteers in Thai Binh City (we have a big family).

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How many volunteers could you host?


When would you need volunteers?

All Year Long

How many hours of help per day?


How many days of help per week?


Volunteering expectations

We require your help in teaching and practising the pronunciation of the English language. Furthermore:

  • a positive mindset
  • ability to be calm when teaching small kids
  • a TEFL certificate or any other certificate that resembles this one, or a degree from university or college.

Note, that having a TEFL certificate is not obligatory because we will pay for a TEFL course for you, but having one certainly gives you an edge during our application process

  • minimum 3-month commitment from you
Teaching English in Thai Binh: info & requirements

We teach at a variety of schools ranging from kindergarten to high school. This requires our volunteers to be or become comfortable in teaching children of ages of 2 – 17. Volunteers are not required to teach any grammar, this is done by the Vietnamese teachers that are either employed at state schools or our own teachers in the New World teaching centre.

The goal of volunteer work is to help students with vocabulary and putting emphasis on pronunciation. Much of the preparing of classes is already done beforehand by the Vietnamese teachers themselves however, volunteers include their own planning of grammar if they have the capacity and skill to do so. From the ages 2 – 8 flashcards are prepared for each class based on the topic of the month (prepared by the teaching staff at New World). Furthermore, for students of ages between 9 – 17, lesson plans are prepared with given topics and goals of the class. Much of the preparing you will do as volunteers involve how the classes will be taught. We have prepared a guideline on different methods current and previous volunteers have used for their classes.


Usually, we get up at around 7-8 and sometimes earlier depending on the start of your shift. Early morning classes require you to wake up early since we have to travel outside of Thai Binh to the state schools. Duration of travelling is normally around 1:30h (going and coming back). Early morning shifts are usually around 1-2 days per week, for the larger part of your stay your shift will start between 12:00-14:00 pm and finish at around 7-9 pm depending on how many classes you have. And you don’t teach the whole day, you have 2-3 hour breaks in between. The maximum amount of classes you will be teaching in a day are around 6 classes each accounting to 30 – 45 min per class.

Furthermore, classes in kindergarten are 4 classes of 30 minutes and when your teaching in state schools you usually teach around 3 classes of 45 min. However, state school classes are only given to older volunteers, so most of you will just be teaching kindergarten and kids.

We also teach classes at the different New World schools where we tend to have classes starting at around 17:00-17:30 up to 21:00. 21:00 is the end time of the last classes of the day, we are the closing time for the centre. In a day volunteers will spend max 5 hours a day teaching (excluding travel). note that you won’t be travelling every day, only to state schools 1-2 times per week.

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Are accommodation and food included?

Yes, food and accommodation are included

What type of accommodation can you provide?
  • Private Room
  • Dormitory/shared rooms
  • Private room for a couple

We provide food twice a day every day. Lunch is served around 11:00 am and dinner around 6:30 pm every day. The menu is always Vietnamese (meat and vegetarian) dishes, but if you like you can also cook some food for yourself as some volunteers choose to do. If you’re a vegetarian, food will be prepared for you as well just let us know beforehand so that the cook takes you into consideration. Food is for the most part eaten together, in the main house (the main school) we eat together and we also clean up together. Sometimes volunteers choose to eat out or eat with the families of their students, this is completely fine, but it is very much appreciated if you let the staff know that you are not going to partake in the meals so that food spillage can be avoided.

Fees Transparency

No fees


Yes, we can help with Visa

Volunteers’ benefits

By working with us you will benefit in the following ways:

  • you will get the opportunity to learn about Vietnamese culture by working and staying with Vietnamese locals
  • meet new people we have a big volunteering family
  • you will get the opportunity to teach English and improve your teaching skills
  • we provide assistance for TEFL so if you do not have a TEFL course certificate we will pay for you so that you get it
  • we provide a stipend of 200 USD (according to average income here in Vietnam)
  • a certificate a from us as proof which will make it easier for you to find a teaching job anywhere in Vietnam
  • We provide you with a 3 month visa (extension is also granted if you wish to stay longer)
  • we provide food and accommodation

Teaching English, Thai Binh, Vietnam

What to do in the free time

During your stay here in Thai Binh, you will get chances to travel. You can choose to travel around and explore by yourself. There are many things to do in Thai Binh City, there are many cafe’s. There is a giant square in the city center where a lot of things are happening like for example live viewings of Vietnam soccer matches. Furthermore there are many villages to explore, you will get to see flower villages (where people are growing flowers). You will also get to hang out with our volunteers they like to make music sometimes in the house, they go on trips together or eat out together (the works). We have bikes that all volunteers can use so getting around is not a problem, if you don’t know how to ride a bike there are multiple buses riding to and from Thai Binh.
Sometimes volunteers can plan their own trip. There are many tourist areas like for example Ninh Binh (1,5 h from Thai Binh), Cat Ba (3,5 h from Thai Binh) or Hanoi (2 h from Thai Binh) not to far from Thai Binh the. Also, the closest beach is around 30-45 minutes away from Thai Binh.

Sometimes we also plan trip with all of the workers of the school. There are many things to see and places to visit in Thai Binh. The school has around three bikes, you can borrow the bikes to go exploring, don’t forget to call dibs. Also, you can rent a bike which will cost you around 700 000 VND per month (USD 30). When traveling around be sure to always wear a helmet and drive save. Traffic accidents are common in Vietnam, on average one person dies every hour.



How to get to your site

Once you arrive in vietnam (Ha Noi) we will pick you up in Hanoi. If your coming from the south you have to make your way to Thai Binh. We can also arrange to come and pick you up closer to the city, but that can be discussed.

Is there internet access?


+84-0912-149201 (Mobile)
+84-02273736222 (New World)
Hostname: Hong Tran

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  1. I’m from Russia. 69 y.o. Have diploma on teaching English and literature.
    Former English teacher and fiction translator with a lot of volunteering experience, including your country.
    I walk with crutches and need a railway to climb stairs. Can ride a motorbike as a passenger. Currently staying in Myanmar.
    If it’s oK with you, please, give me a reply, yea or no.
    My Facebook name is Nikolay Shalygin.
    Regards, Nico.

    1. Hello Nikolay, to keep in touch with the hosts use the contact (e-mail, phone, website…) that you can find in the contact details section. This is the comment section, the host might not be able to read the comments. Thanks and good luck with your travels. 🙂

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