Medical student in Ghana: my volunteering experience in Africa

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Eshter testimonial
My name is Esther and I am a medical student at the University of Leeds, UK. I have come to Ghana for 3 weeks for my international health project on caring for a disabled child. Theresa, the nurse I am staying with, collected me from the airport and welcomed me to Ghana.
Medical student, doctor, Africa, medical assistant, Ghana
The hospitality:
I have a very comfortable room in her house, with access to a toilet and washing facilities.
I get 3 meals a day so I am never hungry – I have tried lots of new foods including Jollof, red red and the sweetest mangoes I have ever tasted! Theresah even taught me how to make Jollof so I can now make it for my friends at home.
Theresah Ghana Exchange, volunteer girl, white volunteer
She has been very helpful with my project and after the 1st week, I have already done 9 interviews. Theresah has helped me translate these.
Medical volunteering activities in Senya Beraku
Apart from the project, I have been able to help taking weights and heights in the baby clinic at the local health centre.
weighing a child, Ghana volunteers, medics in Ghana, doctor volunteer, medical volunteer
A medical volunteer
I have also been able to shadow a doctor and nurses, as well as taking part in home visits and a community outreach programme.
Learning about Healthcare in Ghana
White volunteer, testimonialI have already learnt so much about healthcare in Ghana and feel I have had a truly immersive experience.
There is a lot of variety in what I have done so far and I look forward to seeing even more in the next 2 weeks.
At the weekend I was recommended to visit Elmina, where I stayed for 2 nights.
My experience so far
Even though I travelled alone I felt very safe because Theresah made sure I got the correct trotros and she contacted me both days to make sure I was okay. This was very important to me seeing as it is my first time in Ghana and travelling alone. I would recommend Theresa’s organisation to anyone who wants to volunteer in a healthcare or education setting.
I have gained so much valuable experience during my stay and feel I have truly become part of the family!
From Esther Everitt, a medical student
doctors in Ghana, internship
African woman, Ghana
Volunteering, Ghana, Africa, medical student, doctor, nurse, volunteer

Interested in Volunteering in Ghana? Feel free to contact Esther to ask more information
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