Volunteer for a marine conservation project in Cambodia.

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The Threatened Seagrass Meadows of Cambodia Need You!

Volunteer for a marine conservation project in Cambodia. โ€“ Barely researched or documented, marine ecosystems, upon which many endangered species and coastal communities are dependant, are disappearing every day and at an increasing pace.
Join the first-ever marine conservation organization in Cambodia, with our dedicated team you can help (us) save this unknown jewel of South-East Asia and explore still uncharted areas of this region.

We need volunteers! –ย Introduction to Marine Conservation Cambodia

Created in 2008, Marine Conservation Cambodia (MCC) is the first long-term, a non-government organization to conduct in-situ marine conservation & research in Cambodia. MCC objectives include protecting and restoring marine ecosystems, supporting and empowering small-scale fishing communities and engaging with local and national government in the development of sustainable fisheries and the implementation of effective protective regulations.


MCC is located on Koh Ach Seh, one of 13 islands in the Kep Archipelago. Koh Ach Seh is a small, self-contained research base, with basic accommodation and facilities. MCC is perfectly positioned to conduct research and implement conservation action almost every day. You will be expected to contribute to the project a minimum of 5 days a week, but the nature of the work means these days will not always be uniform or fall on a classic weekend. Essential SCUBA diving and basic research equipment are provided on the island.

The potential impact of your work

This role presents the opportunity to contribute directly to the protection and restoration of the ocean, and marine ecosystems along Cambodia’s coastline. A chance to create ground-breaking researches for Cambodia (from blue carbon potential of seagrass to successful restoration projects) and make long-lasting changes in management policies while training the first generation of local marine researchers and conservationists.

MCC’s previous work,

particularly on Irrawaddy dolphins, seahorses, coral reefs and illegal fishing activities has made MCC one of the main actors for marine-related questions in the country. However, there are many knowledge gaps about Cambodian marine ecosystems which still need to be filled. Your work will directly contribute to building resilience within the Kep Archipelago’s seagrass meadows, monitoring and reporting on the health of Cambodian seagrass systems and defining management policies for the next decade!

Scientific diver and Seagrass Project Co-ordinator at Marine Conservation Cambodia
Role, responsibilities and expectations

Seagrass conservation and management is still in its infancy in Cambodia. This is why we need you to help us develop this exciting field. A unique opportunity to lead your own research project and be the first to survey unexplored seagrass meadows! This fluid role will incorporate a range of managerial, research and practical responsibilities.

  • This position will involve the coordination of the Seagrass Project’s activities at MCC, the recruitment of local and international interns and volunteers, conducting scientific diving, data analysis & report writing, and mapping using GIS.
  • You will also be responsible for leading theoretical and practical training sessions in seagrass surveys and scientific diving; especially to Cambodians (students, government officers, fishers, etc.) who, we hope, will be the next generation of seagrass and marine experts. Life on a small, remote island also requires a commitment to communal tasks and responsibilities. MCC conduct regular outreach and conservation awareness events. The staff will need to professionally represent the organisation and its projects.
  • Social media outreach and updates.

The position hand-over and level of responsibility can be discussed upon invitation to interview.

Applicant characteristics
  • Strong communication skills;
  • Highly adaptable and self-motivated;
  • Ability to work independently but also within a small, tight-knit team;
  • Highly proficient in spoken and written English;
  • Organised and work well to deadlines.
Applicant qualifications
  • A BSc or above in an appropriate subject e.g. biology, marine biology, ecology, conservation, etc. Or appropriate equivalent/experiences.
  • Experienced scientific diver;
  • Experienced in producing scientific reports (published paper a plus/preferable);
  • Demonstrated managerial skills;
  • Relaxed with a professional approach;
  • Problem solver;
  • Passionate and dedicated;
  • A minimum of Rescue diving (or equivalent) SCUBA diving qualified and at least 100 dives;
  • Familiarity with best practices for field safety and low impact principles.

A 2-month trial will be offered to the chosen applicant, during this time food and accommodation will be provided.

At the end of the two months, or before if you are exceptionally awesome or bad, we can decide together if you are the right person for the project. The successful applicant who is hired after the trial period, for a minimum of 12 months, will be provided with food, accommodation and a salary.


The successful applicant will also need to apply for research grants to facilitate with funding research and conservation activities.

CONTACT DETAILS ๐Ÿ”๐Ÿ“ง – how to apply?

If you would like to join this position, please send your cover letter and CV to:

seahorseconservation@gmail.com and mccseagrass@gmail.com

Please share with everyone and help us find the most dedicated conservationist!

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