Volunteer at MAFOBA for women rights in Burundi, Africa ๐Ÿ‡ง๐Ÿ‡ฎ

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‘Mamas for Burundi’ Association is looking for volunteers

logo mafobaVolunteer in Burundi with us! – We are a non-profit and non-denominational organization of Burundian law specializing in the promotion and protection of the rights of women and of the child, referred to as Mamas For Burundi Association (MAFOBA ASBL), acronym-based in Bujumbura (capital of Burundi) and currently covers 6 provinces among the 18 that makeup Burundi, Central Africa and member of the East African Community (EAC).

Our areas of intervention are:
  • the field of human rights and women’s health,
  • education for orphaned and destitute children from the rape, young (mothers).
Our goals are
  • Protect and promote the right and educated vulnerable children’s our Vision and our value.
  • Promote the Empowerment of Women in the vulnerabilities our mission

MAFOBA wants, a Burundi where his people act together to collectively fight injustice, social inequalities, violence in all its forms, racism and discrimination particularly with regard to the woman and the girl and commits to the eradication of these and the education of citizens as well as the fight against ignorance to build a peaceful and decent society.

Volunteering Activities
  1. Volunteers go out with our teams and get involved in the work we do in our communities or in the Departments of Action.
  2. Provide administrative and financial skills: here, volunteers help women teach good management of financial skills and how to start a small business to help family survival.
  3. Teach our partner schools: volunteer English, mathematics or any other subject of his or her wish in our partner schools. Volunteers join the school visit for SRHR services, student advice
  4. Proposal writing and project development and fundraising: volunteers can join us in obtaining grants and fundraising in their country of origin or other.
  5. Social networks and WEB site management.
  6. Photography, filming and documentation of all events.
  7. Work in the Office (administrative work related to projects, lobbying and pleadings)
  8. Maintain control of our social networks and changes of information on our WEB sites
  9. Doing volunteer activities Online
  10. Organizes debates with our young beneficiaries etc but also with our local partners.
  11. Awareness by visiting and teaching women about their rights. In addition to going to school to teach young girls self-awareness
  12. Participate in meetings by representing our organizations to other partners etc.

How many volunteers?

3 to 5 volunteers.

Our Helpers are invited to help us for 4 weeks to 12 weeks

How many hours are the volunteers expected to help?

6 Hours per Day, 5 days a week

Accommodation and food included

Yes, in a private bedroom

Volunteers’ benefits?
  • Certification,
  • cultural exchange,
  • free tours,
  • workshops,
  • meetings & events,
  • our T-shirt
Extra activities during free time

During free time, volunteers can visit communities and interact with locals during free shopping and engage in other community events if they wish. Volunteers can visit the nature of Burundi such as national parks, Lake Tanganyika, Rukoko Park and Rusizi, the living museums etc. Our country Burundi is a small country located in Central Africa but as a member of the East-Africa Community, sharing along Lake Tanganyika with the Democratic Republic of Congo, Tanzania and Zambia. Our Capital is not far from the town of Uvira in RD. Congo, Kigali of Rwanda and Kigoma of Tanzania.


CANNOT provide Visa but we can offer assistance and information.

We can produce an invitation which will help volunteers to get a visa.

Spoken languages
French, Kiswahili and English because MAFOBA have a translators team ( As we are in the Great Lakes region and the country Burundi, the language most spoken by residents and Citizens is Kirundi and Swahili, but to the organization, the official language is French; As far as English is concerned, the organization has interloans that will accompany volunteers everywhere during their stay)
Volunteer in Burundi
How to get there?
MAFOBA will send someone to the airport to look for volunteers once their travels are programmed.

We have the internet at the office but not at the host family.

Read more information about MAFOBA

MAFOBA is a non-profit association (NGO) and a Non-governmental organization (NGO) that works for the promotion of socio-economic rights, peace, leadership, integration, socio-economic reintegration and social cohesion of essentially rural communities. Our target group is particularly women and girls in rural areas, victims of social inequalities and sexual and gender-based violence (VSBG). Burundian girls initiated it in 2015 and their effort was approved by the Ministry of the Interior, patriotic training and communal development by ministerial order Nยฐ530/1460DU29/10/2018. For more info, feel free to visit the MAFOBA website [see Contact details section below๐Ÿ‘‡๐Ÿ”].

MAFOBA pursues the following objectives:
  • Mobilizing women and girls for local entrepreneurship through income-generating activities (AGR)
  • Promote sustainable development
  • Support the development of village communities in their projects concerning water supply and their use
  • To support, train and raise awareness of young girls and women for their empowerment.
  • Promote the health of community members through the prevention and control of sexual and gender-based violence (VSBG)
  • Lead advocacy and actions aimed at citizen education, peace, and non-violence
  • To popularize the integration of the environmental dimension into the economic concept of gender and parity.

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Practical purpose:
  • Improve the social and economic conditions of rural women and girls who are out of school and vulnerable.
Our geographical coverage

The ideal of MAFOBA is to cover the entire national territory of Burundi. Taking into account the current budgetary constraints, we cover 6 provinces on the 18 of the Republic of Burundi, namely province of:

  • Bujumbura/Mairie
  • Bubanza
  • Cibitoke
  • Muyinga
  • Makamba
Our main partners:

To make the various achievements effective, MAFOBA maintenance and continues to undertake relations based on
Frank and sincere collaboration, interdependence and transparency with several state organizations and not
National, regional and international levels. Among them, we have listed:

Government Partners: Ministry of…
  • National Solidarity, human rights and gender,
  • National Education,
  • Public Health and the fight against AIDS,
  • Trade, Industry and Tourism,
  • Environment, Agriculture and livestock,
Non-government Partners:
  • CSR-SOLUTIONS (Sweden),

Volunteer in Burundi

Download the Brochure with info about the fundraising program


For MAFOBA NSHIMIRIMANA Charlotte, The Executive Secretary

BP: 3300 Bujumbura II Burundi,

Tel : +257-75-28-50-80

Web: www.mamasforburundi.com,

Facebook: Mamas For Burundi

Skype: Mamas For Burundi Association

Volunteer in Burundi

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