Alternative festivals, retreats, and events in Europe in 2024

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Europe has always been an interesting hub for cultural gatherings, and 2024 is shaping up to be an exciting year with a variety of festivals, retreats, and alternative events. If you’re a music enthusiast, a yoga practitioner, or simply in search of amazing experiences, check out this list of must-visit events for the upcoming year. If you know of alternative events, retreats, or festivals in Europe, or if you are organizing one, feel free to contact us or add it in the comments below – happy travels!

Boom Festival

Dates: July 2024
Location: Idanha-a-Nova, Portugal
Highlights: A biennial festival that focuses on sustainability, art, and music, set beside a lake in Portugal. Known for its psytrance music, the festival promotes eco-friendly living and artistic expression.
Website: Boom Festival Official

Secret Solstice

Dates: June 2024
Location: Reykjavik, Iceland
Highlights: An innovative music festival held during the midnight sun, offering a unique experience of non-stop daylight. It combines music with mystic Icelandic culture.
Website: Secret Solstice Official

Meditation and Mindfulness Retreat in the Dolomites

Dates: August 2024
Location: Dolomites, Italy
Highlights: Set in the breathtaking Dolomites, this retreat focuses on deep meditation and mindfulness exercises in nature, aimed at spiritual and physical rejuvenation.
Website: Dolomites Retreat

Wellbeing Festival in Finland

Dates: May 2024
Radical Health Festival Helsinki” scheduled from May 21-23, 2024. This festival focuses on health innovation, featuring various speakers and health tech topicsโ€‹ (Radical Health Fest)โ€‹.
Highlights: A festival dedicated to holistic health and wellbeing, featuring workshops, lectures, and activities focused on improving mental and physical health.
For more general cultural events, the “World Village Festival” takes place in Helsinki on May 25-26, 2024. This festival covers a broad range of topics including sustainable development and cultural exchanges, with plenty of activities suitable for all ages

Psy-Fi “A Shamanic Experience”

Dates: August 2024
Location: Leeuwarden, The Netherlands
Highlights: A trance festival that’s deeply rooted in the shamanic experience, offering spiritual workshops, music, and art in a welcoming, inclusive environment.
Website: Psy-Fi Festival

uphoria Retreats

uphoria Retreats offers a Yoga & Hiking Retreat in Verbier, which features revitalizing yoga sessions and hikes in the spectacular Swiss Alps, set for August 4-9, 2024โ€‹ (Euphoria Retreats)โ€‹.

Additionally, there’s a variety of yoga retreats available throughout the year in Switzerland that incorporate elements of nature, hiking, and wellness. Sukha Retreats Wellness, for instance, offers retreats that emphasize holistic health and are set against the dramatic scenery of the Swiss Alps, providing a perfect backdrop for yoga and personal growthโ€‹ (Sukha R by Helloweb)โ€‹.

EcoYoga Centre, Scotland

This retreat is dedicated to ecological living combined with yoga practices, situated in the beautiful landscapes of Scotland. They offer various retreats that integrate yoga with eco-friendly living practices. More details can be found on the EcoYoga Centre official website.

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