Südwind Street Festival calls for volunteers in Wien, Austria!

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Südwind Street Festival calls for volunteers!

For years, the Südwind Street Festival has been promoting diversity, tolerance, joy, and sustainability. It’s the perfect place to celebrate the dedication of people committed to creating a better world. As the festival approaches its 2024 edition, the organizers are putting out a call for volunteers to help make this year’s event as successful as previous ones.

The festival is set to take place on the scenic Campus of the University of Vienna, occupying Courtyard 1, during the last weekend of June—Saturday, 29th and Sunday, 30th. This annual celebration draws people from various backgrounds, united by their shared desire to make a positive impact on society.

Volunteering at the Festival

Volunteers are crucial to the festival’s success, and there are numerous opportunities to get involved. Whether you’re interested in setting up stages, serving at bars, or managing ticket sales for the raffle, there’s a role for everyone. No matter your skills or interests, the festival welcomes all who want to contribute.

Volunteering at the Südwind Street Festival is an opportunity to meet like-minded individuals and organizations that are making a difference. Behind the scenes, volunteers can gain experience in managing large events, all while being part of a community that values ecological and social responsibility.

Perks for Volunteers

In exchange for their hard work and dedication, volunteers at the Südwind Street Festival receive several perks. They are provided with food and drink vouchers to enjoy throughout the event, ensuring they can sample the delicious sustainable offerings the festival is known for. Additionally, each volunteer receives an organic, fair-trade T-shirt and a cool volunteer bag filled with surprises as a token of appreciation.

After the festival wraps up, a special picnic is organized exclusively for volunteers. This gathering allows everyone to relax, share experiences, and enjoy a well-deserved celebration after the hustle and bustle of the event. Volunteers can also request a certificate acknowledging their participation and contribution to the festival, which can be a great addition to their resumes or social portfolios.

Why volunteer?

Volunteering at the Südwind Street Festival is about being part of a movement towards a more inclusive and sustainable future. The festival itself is a show of cultural diversity and environmental awareness, but also a platform for artists, speakers, and activists to share their messages with a broader audience.

Moreover, volunteering can be an enriching personal experience. It’s a chance to develop new skills, from customer service to team management and logistical planning. It’s also an opportunity to make new friends and expand your network within a community of activists and change-makers.

How to get involved

Those interested in volunteering can easily apply through the festival’s official website. The application process is straightforward, inviting potential volunteers to specify their areas of interest and availability. The festival team is dedicated to creating an inclusive and rewarding environment for all volunteers, ensuring that each person’s skills and preferences are taken into account when assigning roles.

As the Südwind Street Festival continues to grow, the contributions of volunteers are more valuable than ever. By joining the volunteer team, participants are not just part of an event; they’re part of a larger dialogue on how to build a more sustainable and equitable world.

So, if you’re looking to make a difference, meet new people, and experience the thrill of one of Vienna’s most anticipated cultural events, consider becoming a volunteer at the Südwind Street Festival 2024. Your journey towards making a positive impact starts here. Join us and be a part of something big!

Source: https://www.suedwind.at/wien/suedwind-strassenfest/volunteers/

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