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“Travelling with purpose and living with meaning”

What is Voluntouring?


Voluntouring.org is a web project that aims at providing a free list of volunteering opportunities around the world for long-term travellers & nomads.

It takes inspiration by the vision of a world with no frontiers where everyone can freely participate and actively contribute to the wellbeing of the planet earth and its inhabitants.

Its volunteering members are passionate travellers who have decided to quit the Rat Race and their 9-to-5 jobs to live a nomadic lifestyle exploring the world, living new adventures and doing something relevant at the same time!

Travel and volunteer is one of the best ways to live a fulfilling andย meaningful life.

We hope that the voluntouring.org concept will grow and spread around the world!


Voluntouring.org in short:

  • It is free to browse (no subscription/registration required for volunteers)
  • It’s not a volunteering agency
  • It is run by online volunteers and mostly supports itself with donations and Google ads.



To find out how it works click here.

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Current Team

  • Founder/Project manager: Simone D. (simodab87@gmail.com)

Website Design – Contributions:
  • Samuele M. https://www.samuelemarco.it/ (technical assistance)
  • Tammy A. https://designerandhosting.com/ (technical assistance)
  • Mario B. https://www.linkedin.com/in/mario-barretta-4400aa62 (technical assistance)
  • Francesco D. https://oimoze.tumblr.com/ (server installment/technical assistance)
Graphic design
  • Wilson C. https://mx.linkedin.com/in/wilson-cardichon-893078134 (graphic design/advertising)
  • Manuel F. https://www.lavoricreativi.com/profilo-persona/GRAFICO/34429.html (logo creation)
Current social media team:
  • Simone D. (editor)
  • Daria S. (editor)
  • Mariia Iashchuk (editor)
  • Christina Ellis (proofreading, editor)
  • Alice M.
WhatsApp moderation team
  • Krishna K.
  • Simone D.
  • Alice M.


Most of the help also came from TimeRepublik (time banking) – Learn more here.

  • Advertise organizations, NGOs, charities, ecological centres, organic farms, and animal sanctuaries around the world in order for them to get volunteering help.
  • From web-project to registered charity: help us transform Voluntouring.org into a potential financial resource for worldwide NGOs, foundations, charities, cultural associations, and other non-profit organizations.
Want to help/become part of the team/ make a proposal?


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