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The typical exchange we are happy to publish on our website is
4-5 hours of voluntary help per day in exchange for free food and accommodation and a nice cultural exchange..
To submit a volunteer request, please fill this preliminary form:
Name of the host, or the organization
Website address, Facebook page, Instagram, others...
*If you cannot provide either accommodation or food, we may either decline your listing or ask for a donation to support our web project
*If you request more than 30 hours per week, we might either not publish your listing or ask for a donation to support our web project
Kindly share a few more details about the volunteer exchange you offer. Upon approval of your listing, we will send you a final form to complete.
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15 thoughts on “Need volunteers? Submit your volunteer request!

  1. I love traveling and I can volunteer anywhere around the world. But how can I connect to those people who need my help?

    1. Hi, am Ebenezer, Founder and executive Director of Foundation for Inclusive Education, we are based in Cameron and we implement projects in the humanitarian context.
      we are currently looking for international volunteers who will be committed and ready to deliver tangible results.

    1. Dear Tanja, usually you have to be 18y for volunteering abroad. But there are some organizations that can accommodate young people under 18. Like this one: Volunt2Thai My advice is to ask the hosts by sending them an e-mail.

  2. Good day Sir/Maam,
    I am a farmer from the Philippines and love to do volunteering in organic farming, to learn and help. Is it possible to volunteer in one of the organic farm in Australia? I am happy to hear you back. Thank you so much.

  3. Hello to all of you!
    My name is Kivan. I am an agricultural engineer from Vietnam.
    I would like to become a volunteer on organic farms in Southeast Asia.

    I have accumulated experiences when I was an intern as an agriculture engineer in Israel.
    I hope to receive a response from any host soon.

    Thank you!


  4. Hello, I am Fehima (a girl) from Turkey. I’d like to become a volunteer, especially in Switzerland. I am already a volunteer for Global Peace. So I have already acquired some volunteer experience. I think we are all the same and we are all human beings sharing the same planet so I’d like to volunteer unconditionally and I am against all of the discriminations. I don’t fight for change but I seek to find a new model, new normal. Whoever needs me I will do my best to support them. Women, children, refugees, LGBTQ, animals, nature. ฤฐf ฤฐt’s possible I’d love to become your volunteer and I’d like to discover your country. I really love the mountains and snow. I only saw them maybe five times. Your eco-friendly country is giving me hope for a sustainable future. I hope I will find a longโ€“term project in Switzerland.

  5. We are a local, independent, and non-profit organization. Our primary objective is to facilitate the social development process in Nepali communities.

    Our work encompasses several sectors of social development; please see our Projects page for a more comprehensive overview of what those efforts include. We complete all of our projects with integrity and awareness, all the while keeping the concepts of sustainability and ecologically sound development firmly in focus.

    In general, we focus on sustainable rural development, education, medical projects and livelihood support. By structuring our efforts so that they make sense to everyone โ€“ the women, youth, and community leaders specifically – we can also ensure the effective continuation of our hard work long after weโ€™ve left the community. By involving the poorest and most marginalized sectors of those communities in our plans, we take the first steps to creating future employment potential for those individuals as well.

    Our Volunteer Programs in the field of : Teaching, Care, Environment, Medical, community tours, etcโ€ฆ

    We also offer virtual Volunteer programs here in Nepal.

    Kindly let us know how we can apply to be on your database.

  6. Hello Voluntouring

    My name is Samuel and I from Ghana. I have experience in outdoor activity dealing with activities such as rope course, archery, rifle shoot with kids and young adult in London. I want to do more of this as itโ€™s my passion. Please can you recommend any organisation within UK/European/Africa/America for me thank you.

  7. Good day,
    I was wondering if there were any Opal, Gold or Emerald volunteering positions?
    Thank you

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