Volunteer at Tabamasu NGO in Tanzania (culture, education & general help) -

Introduction The Tanzanian orphanage for abandon, or simply homeless Tanzanian children is known as Tabasamu, which is a small children organization in Arusha Tanzania.  You probably wondering what is the significant meaning behind the name “Tabasamu” well it simply means Smiles in Swahili.  This children organization was created and founded by David Joseph Wella who is an educator in philosophy, and friend to the young caste-away youngsters who seek refuge to Tabasamu.  For 4 consecutive years we have been hosting more than ever. Worldwide Volunteers at Tabamasu The total amount that our members has hosted was about 300 volunteers from different regions around the world.  Tabasamu cooperation is very dedicated in giving the upmost aspiration of hope to the unfortunately children of Tanzania from our communities, elders, in their homeland, one parent household of children who come from poor dilapidated communities. Within the near future our goal is to connect the separated and negle…

Volunteer in exchange for food and accommodation at a eco-place near Sion, Switzerland

Update: Hello, we need now a carpenter or someone who can help making a wooden stair next to the fire place. General description We are going to open a Veggie B&b and would love to have people who don't mind using dry toilet, light candles, wood cooking, and share nice Bio meals: Vegan food, Bio and local as much as possible; other preferable requirements are: non smoker.  My intention is to open a space for Alternative people to come and have a place in the city for eating and drink BIO. What to do around The famous Matterhorn mountain is next door, we are, in fact, close to the mountains. 
Activities You would have to prepare your own meal, cleaning and building a new room on a warm place for the winter.
Help and share in the morning, you make the fire with wood, we have dry toilet, the house will be repaired and you are participaiting what you can do.
You can also help selling beers for helping farmers.
Help in the office,  gardening (mostly in summer) 200 m2, total ground…

Help building an Adobe House in Puerto Rico in January 2019

Superadobe Workshop in Puerto Rico Hello family! 
We invite all to come to help us finish building our Superadobe home this winter!  A project From Dec 15th-Jan 15th We will be working Dec 15th-Jan 15th to close up the last dome of our four domes home and plaster the last roof. 
We will teach volunteers how to make adobe mix, fill bags, close the dome and plaster.  We offer camping on our farm in the beautiful tropical mountains and food in exchange for your much appreciated support in finishing this amazing project! 
We will be working 5 days a week so you can have time to rest and enjoy our beautiful island. Learning to build a sustainable and resilient shelter is incredibly empowering and essential to self-sufficiency. 
We look forward to sharing this experience and building with you!  CONTACT DETAILS Please contact us for more info or questions at  FB Finca Remedio or 240 651 4255. 

Volunteer at the Smile society NGO near Kolkata, India

Smile Society is a ngo and a volunteering project in India that offers hundreds of volunteering projects all year long. DISCOVER THE LATEST OPPORTUNITIES: CLICK HEREProjects in India for energetic youth volunteers.  Projects offered abroad are organized by our partners in their countries. 
Projects in India are SMILE projects. Workcamps These are 2 weeks camps where volunteers (15-45 years) from all over the globe join together to help in different projects. LMTV These are 4-24 weeks projects where individuals can participate to help in assigned projects. Special Groups Customized 2-4 weeks projects made for specific groups of youth/students/professional coming from same Country / Institution. Teen Groups  Specially customized camps made for Teen groups between 12-15 years coming from same country /Institution leaded by atleast one adults leader. Family Volunteering An unique opportunity for families to spend their holidays for good causes in India or Abroad while having fun to explo…

Forest Fund is looking for medium to long-term volunteers to cycle for the next two years

Forest Fund is looking for medium to long-term volunteers to cycle for the next two years with the first post starting in April/May 2019.

Forest Fund is a small startup located at the deforestation forefront in the Brazilian Amazon Rainforest Biome. By finding common ground and interacting with the local community, Forest Fund works to find viable ideas and alternatives to deforestation. Our goal is to find ways to sustain one of the biggest and most important biomes on Earth.
Forest Fund works in partnership with a local English school, English for Brazilians (E4B). Part of the volunteering position includes teaching all-English classes to advanced students. INCLUDED Airport pick up and drop offIn-country travel to and from project siteAccommodationBi-monthly stipend to cover living expenses24/7 local and international support TASKS: Teaching EnglishSustainability researchDeveloping and expanding sustainable markets REQUIREMENTS Native English…