Volunteer with us in Accra, Ghana - Dew Africa ngo is welcoming voluntourists!

About DEW Africa is a non-governmental organization founded in Africa, Our guiding principle is to build the culture of Charity through impacting for change.

Type of help: 
Health/medical assistance

How many volunteers?  3 When do you usually need volunteers? For how long?  Every month for one month or more 
How many hours are the volunteers expected to help? 4-5 hours
How many days of help per week?  4 Are accommodation and food included?  Yes  What type of accommodation can you provide?  dormitory What are the volunteers' benefits? Cultural exchange and free tours Do you charge fees?  No Visa - can you provide Visa support/info? I CANNOT provide Visa but I can offer assistance and information Which language will be spoken?   English  Contact Details  For more information feel free to use the contact details:  +233558607686
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Volunteer opportunity in Ushuaia Casa cultural, Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego, Argentina

VOLUNTARIADO PLANETARY GARDEN in Ushuaia - Tierra del Fuego, Argentina, for the project of the Artistic House "L Planet of Origin", which is located in a mountain neighborhood 6 km from the center, 5 km from the National Park and 1 km from the supermarket closest.   In the house cultural activities are developed and a cat has a pet. Areas to cover:
maintenance and cleaninggardening / orchard / compostingconstruction, carpentry, blacksmithingmontage of works of art, DIY, trencadis Recycling and sustainability research, project writing, translation into other languages. healthy food. Preparation of products or courses of vegan and integral feeding. training in creative economies for neighbors The activities are scheduled according to the needs and demands of the moment.
Duration: 14 days Number of volunteers: One or couple. Spanish Language. French basic level.
Accommodation and food are offered to prepare breakfast and a meal a day.
CONTACT DETAILS To apply: Send personal inf…

Volunteers request! Teach English at I-talk Community English Club based in Hanoi, Vietnam.

Warm greetings to everyone!

We are from ITALK COMMUNITY ENGLISH CLUB- ITALK CEC based in Hanoi, Vietnam.

We are looking for volunteer teachers for our charity English program.
Here are the details of the program: 1. Purposes: 
+ To help Vietnamese students with a little budget have an opportunity to access English through practical lessons with foreigner volunteer teachers. + To create an useful community which enables international friends and the locals including the students, teaching assistants, other members of the program and other friends living and working in Hanoi to have a chance to share and share alike the experience in travelling, living abroad in general and in Vietnam in particular, and to exchange cultures & languages as well. 
2. Volunteer's responsibilities: 
Teach English to our students with the schedule as follows: Wed: 6-7.30 p.m & 7.45- 9.15 p.mThu: 6-7.30 p.mFri: 6-7.30 p.m & 7.45- 9.15 p.mSat: 9-10 a.m, 10.30-11.30 a.m, 4-5 p.m, 5.30- 7 p.mSun: …

Volunteer at the Baobab home family in Tanzania in exchange of food and accommodation

The Baobab Home works to help children and families affected by HIV/AIDS and poverty in Bagamoyo, Tanzania. Our programs include a children's home, a psychosocial support group for HIV+ youth, a breakfast program at the local hospital and a primary school. Activities MarketingFundraisingEducation/teachingHealth/medical assistancePlaying with kidsWritingFilmmakingAdministrationGardeningBuildingGeneral helpSocial DesignWeb / computer How many volunteers do you usually need We are flexible and can welcome individuals, couples, friends, students, or groups. When do you usually need volunteers? For how long? Any time, but a longer commitment is preferred.
How many hours are the volunteers expected to help 8 hours per day How many days of help per week? 5 days per week Are accommodation and food included? Yes
What type of accommodation? Shared rooms What are the volunteers' benefits? Volunteers receive a unique introduction to Tanzanian culture and life, work experience and skill de…

Volunteer possibility in Brazil in environment NGO for end of October/ entire November!

Hello everybody,

The Reforestation NGO Iracambi is looking desperately for volunteers until the end of November. 
It is located in the remains of the Atlantic Rainforest and works in close collaboration with local farmers. 
The farmers suffer of missing water and degraded soils because of years of intense conventional agriculture. The only solution to bring back water is to plant trees in the former lands of the Atlantic Rainforest. But planting trees is not just bringing back water but also biodiversity and a nutrient-rich soil. That is were Iracambi helps. Alone the farmers would be never able to reforest such big areas.
Apart from this the NGO shows also alternative ways of producing food, via Agroforestry. A Food system were eatable plants get integrated in an natural ecosystem.
If you are interested in tropical agricultural systems, vegetable gardens and Reforestation they would love to welcome you! 
You can start to volunteer up to now and they would need help until end of Novembe…