Volunteer at a dog shelter in Borneo, Malaysia. An opportunity for dog lovers!

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Help at a dog shelter – message from a previous volunteer.

Does anyone want to go to Borneo, Malaysia for about a month to help Sylvia with her 40 Dogs?

Dog shelter โ€“ Is there anyone who wants to go to Malaysia? This opportunity is for animal lover only!

Great experience guaranteed!


You will play, groom and sometimes feed the dogs.


You would live in a very comfortable guest house, accommodation is for free but the food is not provided. It is very cheap around here though.

Visa and flight costs are NOT provided!
How many helpers?

Sylvia, the host, is a 77 year old retired pastor. She has three helpers in the house who take care of most of the activities but since she had an operation because of her skin cancer she will be unable to spend time with the dogs as she used to.

โ‡’โ‡’Please share and we can help together!โ‡โ‡

P.S.: you can also be active in Sylvia’s school of undocumented children.

Activities and work

Our everyday work involves the rescue of stray dogs and cats from abuse, hunger, injury and to provide them with a safe home.

We work with the society of the prevention of cruelty to animals and raise awareness about the importance of kindness to animals.

Everyday shelter work includes the distribution of food, cleaning as well as spending time with the animals. We also engage in a variety of social activities in our neighborhood, which you can participate in. This includes organizing events at the local school or community centers.

You will engage with three different locations:

1) A privately-run rescue operation and shelter by Faridah Malai, who will also be your main contact person
2) The shelter of the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Kota Kinabalu (SPCAKK)
3) A further privately-run rescue operation and shelter by Syliva Jeanes

Taken together, this allows you for a maximum diversity of tasks and activities in the region around Kota Kinabalu


If any of my friends feel like going there and have a great time with kind-hearted people I will help to organise that trip!

Please use Daria Facebook page to establish a contact

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/daroia

Or Daria’s e-mail:


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