A sense of adventure: a travel documentary in South America

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They surely have a Sense of Adventure. Marine and Edouard are a french couple travelling without money in South America and producing a travel documentary. Before reaching Colombia they hitched different sailing boats and travelled for 4 months to cross the Atlantic Ocean.

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Once in Colombia, they started working on different documentary projects. In fact, they are creating a series of videos and blog articles to share their experience and show their daily routine during the South American adventure: the joys, the laughs and the happy times. But also the challenges, fears and struggles.

1 trip, 2 goals :
  • Develop a collection of video testimonials to show that the world is full of inspiring people, regardless of their age, culture, gender, religion
  • Share the realities of a trip with almost no money, from crossing the Atlantic on a sailboat, to the daily life of a hitchhiking adventure.

Watch this very inspiring interview about Yeison and Sandra, two voluntourists that Marine and Edouard met on the road:


A Sense of Adventure project

a sense of adventure, hitchhiking, freegan, travelling without money, travelling for free

A Sense of Adventure is the name of Marine and Edouard’s project. It is an adventure in South America with almost no money to collect fascinating life stories of people encountered along the way and emphasize the value of diversity.

For the couple, it is essential to overcome fear-related barriers and be open to cultural differences.

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a sense of adventure, hitchhiking, freegan, traveling with no money, moneyless travel, volunteering, workaway, voluntourist
All Photos & videos are taken from a Sense of Adventure facebook page

Learn more about “A sense of Adventure” project:

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