Camp Outlook is looking for young volunteers for camping adventures in Canada!

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Wildcamp in Canada! – Hey folks, this is an awesome opportunity on here for those looking to get some backcountry canoeing & camping in this summer. Camp Outlook is a not-for-profit camp that takes at-risk youth on 5-day, 9-day, and 14-day canoe trips in Algonquin Park and Frontenac Park. By volunteering as a canoe trip leader, you’ll gain a bunch of useful certifications for future outdoor guiding work (Bronze Cross/Medallion, Advanced Wilderness First Aid, Mental Health First Aid, etc.), and make a lot of really great friends and memories!

The camp is recruiting right now for their 50th summer season — no experience required!

Volunteering With Camp Outlook

Camp Outlook trip leaders are people from many walks of life who are fun, open-minded, dedicated and kind. No previous tripping experience is required, but a good attitude, love of learning and love of adventure is a must. Although trip leaders are not paid, they do benefit from the chance to trip and spend time with some pretty incredible youth, and learn from their experiences leading campers in small, self-reliant groups. Outlook volunteers are motivated by dedication to share a love of wilderness camping, a desire to learn, and a can-do attitude with our youth in a fun and cooperative social group.

Summer Volunteers

As a summer staff, youโ€™ll work with an inclusive, hands-on, collaborative group that takes youth on canoe trips in Algonquin Park. For many campers, this will be their first wilderness experience, and youโ€™ll be sharing your knowledge and love of the outdoors.

The program is cost covered. All costs associated with the placement are paid for directly by Outlook, including accommodation, food, and training. Outlook also covers the cost of valuable certifications, including CPR โ€œCโ€/ First Aid, Bronze Cross, Advanced Wilderness First Aid, and Mental Health First Aid, among others. Youโ€™ll be getting your hands dirty and learning how to solve problems on the fly โ€“ from teaching youth to paddle to starting fires in the rain.

No canoeing or guiding experience necessary โ€“ just a willingness to learn!

Who you are
  • Curious and adventurous โ€“ you genuinely like learning from people and jumping into new challenges.
  • Great communicator โ€“ you listen first, then share knowledge.
  • Youโ€™re stoked about spending time outdoors with youth.
  • Youโ€™re available to work from May-August.
BONUS point if you have experience…
  • working with youth
  • as an activity instructor or guide
  • and if you kind of like the smell of campfire in your hair!

The summer season begins with 4 weeks of intensive staff training in May into June, where youโ€™ll build the skills and experience you need to lead youth on canoe trips before embarking on a culminating 8 day staff trip to practice your skills. Youโ€™ll lead 3-4 canoe trips with youth between July and August. Trips are usually 9 days long, though a 5 day and a 14 day trip are also offered.

For the winter season see contact details


If you think you or a friend might be interested, check out the application here: ๐Ÿ™‚

Application form:

Winter season opportunities:

Go to Canada volunteering opportunities section

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