Essential.C.A.R.E is recruiting BOD (Board of Directors)

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Hey guys! Essential.C.A.R.E is recruiting BOD (Board of Directors)


Essential.c.a.r.e is a nonprofit organization founded and led by devoted youth who are passionate about making a positive impact on society. We strongly believe that mental wellness is just as important as physical health. To uplift people who may be struggling mentally due to disasters, we create care packages that include items like handmade cards, origami, a jar of positivity etc that are made by our committed volunteers. We donate towards various groups of people such as homeless, children, survivors, seniors, and more. We function as a project-based organization; currently, we are working on the COVID-19 project which includes masks, a jar of positivity, cards, and more in our packages, and will be working on other projects in the future.

Board of Directors (1 spot open)
  • Read all of our legal documents
  • Make sure weโ€™re following the law
  • Audit chapters to ensure their growth and transparency, essentially if they fulfilling their mission
  • Detail what jobs they do
  • Keep exec team & chapters accountable
  • Part of the non-profit process
  • Review our files which gets sent to the IRS

What is the board of directors?

The board of directors functions as the governing body of a nonprofit.

How long does a board member serve?

Board members serve terms. Essential.c.a.r.e board members serve a term of 2 years. The board members should be able to make most meetings.

What does the board of directors do?

Board members review financial documents, check legal filings, and ensure that the organization is running ethically. Overall, the board makes sure that the organization is working to fulfil its mission. Some tasks the board does are monitoring chapters to ensure their growth and transparency by hosting audits. The audits range from two times a year to once a week depending on the status of the chapter. The board is also involved in the recruitment process.


What is the relationship between the board of directors and the officers?

The management team (us :)) is completely separate from the board. For example, the management team’s president is in charge of deciding who does what, and how exactly we get large tasks done. In contrast, the chair of the board of directors leads the board in large, abstract decisions, like how to fulfil the organization’s mission.



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