Hospitality exchange in the Sicilian hinterland

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Volunteer in the beautiful island of Sicily, Italy

Hospitality exchange in Sicily – I would like to propose a hospitality exchange in the Sicilian hinterland in exchange for some help with daily chores. Below is a summary of the project.ย I would like to inform you that a multipurpose structure with artistic and cultural aims is being built in my countryside, located in the Sicilian hinterland, near the railway station of Pirato.

Project description

Hospitality exchange in SicilyThe structure consists of several units: a central hall with a piano (tuned to 432hz) and an accordion, a large outdoor area, a terrace with a view of Enna, a larger terrace to be built in the future, facing east, and three studios, already complete and furnished, for residential courses.

In a niche, there will be statues of Heracles, Athena and Aphrodite, and in other niches and platforms other statues of classical Greek/Roman gods and nymphs.

In the surrounding area, we would like to build a temple in honour of the goddess Demeter, a fitting tribute to the deity to whom the Sicilian hinterland had a special devotion in ancient times.

The activities revolve around the general concept of wellbeing and awareness of oneself and one’s roots:

  • book presentations,
  • tastings of typical local products,
  • Sicilian gastronomy courses,
  • poetry recitations in the Sicilian language (but not only),
  • evenings of popular Sicilian music, both with piano or accordion and with larger ensembles…
Cuddura Museum

We plan to set up a permanent museum of bread, specifically a “Museum of the Cuddura”, considering the esoteric and symbolic aspects that this food had in the Demetric mysteries first and in the “Altar of St Joseph” later. It will be the venue for the projection of the documentary “L’Artara di S. Giuseppe” that I am personally producing with the archaeologist Dr. Alfredo Crimi’ and the video maker Alberto Maria. This is going to be a visual documentary enriched by my future introductory and explanatory essay on “Symbol, rite, myth and archetype” (the subject of my doctoral thesis (Ph.D.) at the University of Burgos, Spain).

Residential courses

There will also be residential courses in classical Greek/Roman philosophy and philosophical counselling. Following the basic philosophy of the centre (well-being and awareness), there will also be Thai massage courses, Nuad Borarn led by Prapanuch Ratanasri and discounted massages for guests.

Hospitality exchange in Sicily

I offer different accommodation solutions:

Volunteers can sleep in one of three studios. In each of these studios, there is a sofa bed suitable for a couple; in two of them there is also a single sofa bed; and in one of them, in addition to the sofa for a couple and a single sofa bed, there is a loft/ dormitory for up to six comfortable people.
There is an open space for campers or the possibility to pitch tents, yurts, sleeping bags in the open air or on the terrace with a canopy; there is the possibility to use common toilets with showers suitable for divers/disabled people.

Hours of help per week

Volunteers will be asked for 4-5 hours of daily help five days a week.

To get in touch, please see the CONTACT DETAILS section below๐Ÿ‘‡

Hospitality exchange in Sicily


Hospitality exchange in Sicily – For info, suggestions and collaboration please contact

Varveri prof. Basilio +39 3398663928


The fb site is La dimora degli Dei” Leonforte.

Ad Majora Semper ๐ŸŒž๐ŸŒž๐ŸŒž

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