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Hostel exchange in Cancun, Mexico 10/10/2023 – In a recent update from our Facebook group, we learned that Hostel Ka’beh, a popular local spot renowned for its vibrant ambience and community spirit, is actively seeking volunteers to integrate into its dynamic team. This isn’t your typical volunteering gig; it’s an opportunity to immerse oneself in a multicultural environment, meet people from all walks of life and participate in a myriad of activities.

Food and accommodation exchange in Cancun

Volunteers at Hostel Ka’beh are treated as part of their extended family. In exchange for their commitment and energy, the hostel offers them accommodation and a generous supply of basic food items, including but not limited to rice, pasta, beans, lentils, oatmeal, and pancake flour. And for those with a penchant for culinary delights, there’s an added incentive: discounted rates at the hostel’s bar and restaurant.


The roles awaiting volunteers are multifaceted. They range from ensuring the cleanliness of the premises, aiding at the reception desk, bartending, and guiding guests to the beach, to even being part of the entertainment crew. Occasionally, some hands-on maintenance work might be on the cards, adding a touch of variety to the experience.


Hostel Ka’beh has a few prerequisites for prospective volunteers. A minimum one-month commitment is essential, underpinned by a positive attitude and an innate ability to gel with diverse groups of people. While a grasp of Spanish or English can be beneficial, the hostel emphasizes that it isn’t a stringent requirement. After all, a smile and enthusiasm can often bridge any language barriers.

The management of Hostel Ka’beh is keen to answer any potential questions from interested parties, reflecting their community-centric ethos. See the contact details section below.

With this call for volunteers, Hostel Ka’beh is not just offering a job but an experience, a chance to be part of a global family, and make lasting memories.

Previous update April 2023

The Hostel Ka’beh Cancún invites all adventurers to come and enjoy the best experiences that Cancun has to offer. They are currently looking for Receptionist Managers who are willing to commit to a minimum of 24 hours of work per week in exchange for accommodation, unlimited basic food, some fresh fruits, and discounts at their bar and restaurant. The Receptionist Managers will have the opportunity to earn extra income by taking additional shifts.

The Hostel Ka’beh Cancún is looking for individuals with good vibes and a positive attitude who enjoy meeting new people and can speak a bit of Spanish. The Receptionist Managers should be dynamic, proactive, and willing to cover any task necessary to help the team. They should also have experience with customer service, be capable of using a computer, scanner, and Whatsapp, and have multilingual skills, which are highly valued.


The Receptionist Managers will be responsible for managing the volunteer team at the hostel, checking in and out guests, keeping enough change on hand for daily operations, maintaining the cash organized in multiple currencies, booking tours and activities, identifying and training new volunteers, and performing cleaning tasks when necessary.

The Hostel Ka’beh Cancún is looking for individuals who can commit to at least 3 to 6 months of work. A positive and responsible attitude, along with the ability to work as a team, are a must. The hostel offers a great opportunity for individuals to gain valuable work experience while enjoying the best experiences that Cancun has to offer.


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