Atypical volunteering: how to use your auto repair skills to help people

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A person who selflessly helps others is called a volunteer. Such people are needed in all corners of the world at all times. You can help homeless animals, the environment or people in need, and in general, anyone who would like to receive this help. Some people think they don’t have the knowledge or skills to help others. But our article is just about the fact that not only people with medical knowledge or those who love animals can help.

In the modern world, a large number of people have cars that, unfortunately, may need carย repair. Of course, there is a service centre where specialists help with solving all possible breakdowns, as well as carry out high-quality car scanning and diagnostics. Indeed, in some cases, it is worth seeking professional help from a car workshop. But it is very useful for the car owner himself to understand the structure of the car and what the malfunction is connected with.

If you are a car mechanic or just interested in how the engine and other parts of the vehicle work, then sharing such knowledge for free is also a great contribution to society.

For example, if you live or travel in the Emirates, it would be a great idea to educate people about the need to protect the car body from the sun, sand and other factors inherent in a hot country. Not every car enthusiast knows that paint protection film Dubai is simply an indispensable thing that will help keep the car in a new condition for a long time.

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Tell about your willingness to help in communities and groups

In the 21st century, most people have social networks and use the Internet. This is a great place to offer your services to everyone. Car forums or local communities are also great opportunities to post a text that expresses your desire to help others. Your contribution can be expressed in helping a person with car repair if he does not have enough funds to contact the car repairing service. First of all, it is worth paying attention to the category of older people or those with disabilities, as well as those who are in a difficult life situation. They most likely simply need a working vehicle, and you can bring it back to life.

Share your skills with others

You can tell your relatives and friends that you are an automotive specialist and want to share your skills and knowledge. They, in turn, will tell their acquaintances, and thus more people will be able to know about your intentions. For those who are interested in your offer, you can organise a master class where you will clearly show the simple manipulations that the car owner can carry out with his iron friend. This may be an oil or filter change, a check on the condition of the suspension or brake pads. You can also learn them by understanding various tools, explaining which ones are used for what.

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Do Not Overdo

In your great desire to help, be careful in terms of safety, and also act within the limits of your knowledge and skills. Remember to use the necessary protective equipment and suitable tools. If in the process of repairing someone else’s car, you understand that the repair is too extensive and complicated, then it is better to inform the person about the need to contact the car repair service center. Indeed, in volunteering, it is also necessary to observe the rule “do not harm”.

car repair, help, fix, mechanic
When providing car repairs as part of a volunteer project, you can set a symbolic cost for this or provide help on the terms of donating the amount that the person can afford. However, do not forget that this is just a bonus and not the main goal. The main value of your contribution is your voluntariness and desire to help. Your skills can save people money and time, and help them stay on the road longer. Don’t be afraid to share your knowledge and help those in need. In this way, you can make the world a little better.

Atypical volunteering, woman mechanic

car repair, help, fix, change the wheel

“Selfless work”

Whether typical or atypical, volunteering is selfless work. Volunteers don’t get paid for what they do. They share their warmth and kindness for free, but they see the smiles of those they help. Volunteers do not have a work schedule: they respond when they can; it is not necessary to devote time to this every day.

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