Volunteer at Wanderer’s End Animal Sanctuary in the U.S.A.

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Wanderer’s End Sanctuary is a Silvopasture Forest Farm that also fosters animals in need. We are a home for regular pets, plateau domesticated livestock and wild animals. We are putting in a community garden in our new location in Marquand, MO. Help us by shopping in our retail online store, WE-mart or find a steal in our estate sale leftovers and resale shop. Or check out our forest farm goods to help that helps to fund our endeavours. Hoping to in the future provide free food for low-income and CSA gardens for contributors.

Wanderer’s End Sanctuary is home to silvopasture (think the garden of Eden) wildlife and miniature or small livestock that live among the fruit and vegetables, to help us with pest control, fertilization and clean up of excess. We are just starting out again (lost the last property to a flood) so if anyone has any unwanted critters that need a job, or anyone with a green thumb that wants to learn silvopasture, restorative agriculture, permaculture or Eden-styled gardening, let us know!

Help us build our tiny house village or maybe stay long term as we are looking for artisans tradesmen you know… like alternative builder’s cabinet makers, cheese makers, candle makers, etc….

Type of help
Cultural exchange and learning opportunities

We are a non-profit that is hoping to be a community garden to teach silvopasture and forest farming. We also rewild our plants and livestock and plateau domesticate local wildlife we even have a baby raccoon for a pet

We are buying an old farm that needs sustainable eco-rehabbing. Right now we are working on pathways and restoring an old pond. Just now getting a few critters as donations. Looking to find artisans, alternative craftsmen etc who want a simple life and want to build a tiny house and eco-artisan business at our forest farm.

Languages spoken:
  • English
Food and Accommodation

We have a field to camp in or old couches and hippy mattresses in our rugged clubhouse next to gym equipment, pool table and hot tub. (all need set up help to use)

Our garden is new and primarily just what has been donated. We have over 100 varieties of tomatoes and peppers that fell upon us and so now we have a salsa garden. We try to only harvest 1/3 to ensure leftovers for our plateau domesticated critters that we share the crops with but also enough to establish indigenously. We share the third with all members. We do hold a potluck style dinner and bonfire monthly. And most projects are potluck too. We are putting together (we have all the parts) an outdoor kitchen to our clubhouse we are also trying to get arranged… lol sorry we just moved to this farm and the pool table that came with the place is too heavy and it is holding up my progress.

Only ask for a 1 hour a day 5 days a week weekends off since we don’t have much to offer yet in return. I am a really good cook but our garden is so new most comes from the markets.

How many Voluntourers can stay?

More than two

Hours expected

Maximum 1-2 hours a day, 5 days a week

Fees transparency

No fees, but we can only offer accommodation


Wanderers End Sanctuary on Google

Visa/invitations letters



For more information use these contact details

Email: wanderersend@gmail.com
Website and social media: https://www.facebook.com/wanderersendsanctuary/



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