Oxford Omnia English school in Vietnam is looking for young volunteers!

Looking for creative & enthusiastic teachers

MB English Center, an Oxford Omnia project, is looking for creative & enthusiastic teachers to add to its growing team in Kinh Mon!

Are you looking for an opportunity to teach English as a volunteer while having authentic cultural experiences with a local Vietnamese community?


We would like to have enthusiastic volunteers who can connect the English classes with activities that engage the critical thinking of students on the values that our non-profit support such as environmental sustainability, sustainable development and food security.

What if I donโ€™t have a Teaching Certificate?

We do not require a teaching certificate. All you need is your creativity and enthusiasm!

What if I can only stay for three months?

Applicants who can stay for 2-3 months are preferred. A minimum stay 3 weeks is required.

Do I have to pay for my food and housing?

Free food with local people, accommodation and volunteer certificate will be provided. This is an UNPAID volunteer teaching opportunity.

How many hours, per day, would I be teaching?

You would teach small sized classes (10-15 students each). Student ages range from 14 to 19 years old. We usually get students coming around from 4:30 โ€“ 9:00 PM on the weekdays and from 9:00 AM โ€“ 6:00 PM on the weekends. We would need your help with email enquiries, social media outlets and skyping with other potential volunteers.
Maximum 4 hours and a half a day. Each Class is 1 hour and a half and you will need to teach the maximum 3 classes a day.

Teaching English in Vietnam

This sounds great! How do I apply?

Please send a letter of interest and CV to hr.school@oxfordomnia.org.

Our staff will contact you with details and an invitation to interview via Skype!

Where can I find more information about MB English Center and Oxford Omnia?

For our recent activities, please follow our pages:


Our website


Oxford Omnia is a transnational non-profit organization with a mission to support a community-based approach to advance human rights, international development, political equality, nonviolence, food security, environmental sustainability and international law. Oxford Omnia operates and has projects in the UK, US, Italy and Vietnam.


If you are interested, send your application with your CV and motivational letter to:




Our Facebook page:

Oxford Omnia

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