A search for creative souls in the North-West of Bulgaria along the Danube

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An alternative lifestyle project in Bulgaria

After living a Neo-nomadic life for over 2,5 years only by hitchhiking and cycling, we are starting up a project in the most North-Western corner of Bulgaria at the banks of the Danube, to invest our energy in a holistic, conscious and sustainable living for all beings, connected to the project Space4Change.

This becomes a practical reality with the realization of the ‘1939’ house in Vrav and the Cave-house in Rachiba.

Both of the houses are been worked on, making them livable before the spring.

Till then we are very open to host, with very basic facilities.

You are welcome to visit both of the places, dependable on where we are.

Both places have land on which we want to start designing our lives around the permaculture philosophy.

Being in a meditative state and creative expression are important parts to develop and practice for me.

Come and participate in a growing community with the implementation of alternative currencies, starting up food cooperatives, minimalism in the use of resources, growing-sharing and buying everything local which will diminish the need for long-distance transport.

The goal does not justify the means, the way to get there is the goal in it-selves.

In joy

Freddy, Embrace, Neighbors and yourself.


My own website with interesting articles about all kinds of subjects focused on a nomadic way of living: www.embraceofemptiness.com

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