Volunteer at an eco-village project in Dankunku, Gambia.

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Volunteers to harvest our hopes into realities legacy remains Dankunku, The Gambia

We welcome guests, volunteer workers, exchange visitors & members in our Ecovillage Project. Also, we provide:

  • Entertainment,
  • Dancing and drumming lesson facilitation,
  • Camp Fire for our New Visitors, volunteers helpers and members of the community,
  • Women’s, Children’s and Youth camping in the friendly ecovillage environment farm.

This is a nice opportunity to socialise with others from different social and cultural backgrounds.

Volunteering roles

Barrow & Cousins Family Foundation Friendly Ecovillage Farm Project DankunkuYou can get involved in a number of ways to make positive changes in our community, some of the opportunities available include:

  • Fundraising
  • Planting trees
  • Building Maintenance
  • Teaching Children and Adult Education (we welcome Practical and internship educational Trainees in the friendly ecovillage environment farm project and community Elementary school Dankunku).
  • Event Management
  • Volunteer programme Co-ordination
  • Arts and African Dancing, Drumming Workshops Facilitation.
  • Women’s handwork skills facilitation
  • Maintenance/Content Management)
  • Trustee Roles
There are lots of different reasons for volunteering with us:
  • Gaining work experience and gaining and improving employability skills,
  • contributing to the local community
  • meeting new people in a great work environment,
  • improving mental health and feeling valued,
  • or simply for the rewarding feeling of helping the community

What you should expect from us

We will look at the skills we, as an organisation, currently require, and match these up with your skills set. During an introduction meeting, we shall agree on a list of things you will be responsible for, so you always know what you are meant to be doing. Youโ€™ll also be assigned a supervisor to guide you and provide ongoing training.


Barrow & Cousins Family Foundation Ecovillage Project Dankunku –ย General info

The village lies on the south Bank of the central River of the Gambia in the Niamina Dankunku. It has a population of about 3,500 people, โ€˜Mandinkasโ€™ are the main ethnic group. Dankunku is about 10 km from the main road from Soma-Basse and is reached via a small access road. This city has a public elementary school next to a small clinic, agriculture, cattle breeding and forestry slightly.

The village benefits from the project of rural water supply by the installation of standpipes at strategic locations in the community. However, there is no water line connections to individual households, no electricity or telephone connections. This will make communication extremely difficult or very limited in most parts of the community.

People operate in the region, both livestock breeding and agriculture. The most important monoculture in the area are peanuts. The main food crops are rice, millet and various vegetables.

A lot of wild animals

Dankunku, cultural exchange, africa, volunteer girl, eco-village in GambiaBesides, in the river area, there is a lot of wild horses, animals. These include:

  • wild horses
  • monkeys,
  • bush pigs,
  • hyenas, and until a few years,
  • tigers
  • and leopards.

This occurs, however, because of the high deforestation in the area that no longer exists. Yet, all this could be introduced in the area with the support of appropriate projects. My foundation would like to welcome members & visitors to our ecovillage Project in Dankunku.

Cultural aspects of Dankunku

Dankunku as a rich cultural/traditional heritage, Culture and tradition are usually seen in this community as an important factor to promote unity, cooperation for mutual trust, understanding and cohesion among the people. The annual cultural festival is always held as โ€œHomecoming Festivalโ€ for people from Dankunku who currently reside far away. This provides an opportunity to the families, friends, relatives and loved ones to reconnect.

How many volunteers could you host?


When we need volunteers

All year around

How many hours of help per day?


How many days of help per week?


Barrow & Cousins Family Foundation Friendly Ecovillage Farm Project Dankunku

Are accommodation and food included?

Yes, food and accommodation are included – No fees.

What type of accommodation can you provide?

Private bedroom

Offered Diet

Food – three times daily.

VISA – could you provide Visa support/info?

Yes, I can help with Visa.


English, Mandinka, Fula & Wollof.

How to get to your site

Public transport or one of our team members can pick the volunteers from the airport or any nearest location in the Gambia.

Is there internet access?




Emails: momobarrow4real1@gmail.com

Telephone: 002203046391 (Bakary Dembo Barrow) – Volunteering Group leader
002203939130 (Mustapha Barrow)

Facebook page โ€“ Eco-village Gambia

Website: https://ecovillage.org/project/barrow-cousins-family-foundation/

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