“Primitive” long-term volunteering stay in Denmark!

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Living in the wild in Denmark

Are you up for a primitive long-term stay, then please keep on reading! We are a happy easygoing family of three, my two teenagers and I, Monday to Friday it’s only me out here as they go to school in other parts of Denmark.

About one and a half year’s ago we decided to move, from the capital of Denmark, into the countryside in Jutland. So, we moved, and now we have been living out here for almost 500 days – in the middle of some of the finest nature in Denmark. Itโ€™s a bit different than most people, I think, as we donโ€™t live in a house โ€“we live in a canvas tent, and we absolutely love it!


I’m a pretty laid back person, and take things as they come. Also, I’m a bit of an introvert at the same time as I actually like talking with people. I have a chronic lung-disease – that means I’m not always full of power – and I will sleep. So if you love being around people all the time – this is probably not for you, my friend

I have lots of project’s – mostly about building and reusing the materials from the old farmhouse. I’d like to have a chicken house, a pig house, some nice wall’s around the deck, furniture for the garden and lot’s of other idea’s…. the thing is… I don’t know a thing about building – maybe you do? Also, winter is coming! So if you are afraid of cold and windy weather – this is not a stay for you, my friend.

On the other hand, if you like nature, birds singing in the morning, stars at the night, hiking, bushcraft, forest life, fishing, to take a dip in the lake year-round, woodcraft, quiet places, cold mornings and simple living this could be the place for you to stay!

The area

The area is really pretty, the closest nabo is a protected lake, and we donโ€™t have running water. We swim in the lake and drive to a place where we can take a bath (truckers place, kind of) and wash close. We like to fish in the lake, thereโ€™s a lot of pikes, and this year we were trying to establish a garden so we could grow vegetables, set up some kind of fence to get a pig or two, building a place for chickens andโ€ฆ. The dreams are big, and the knowledge… well… we will learn.


My goal is to make it cosy, fun and to focus on simplicity, ecological, intimacy and homemade, and this is where you get in to picture as an extra pair of hands, new energy and maybe you have some nice ideas too?

Things take lot’s of time out here, we make lotโ€™s of campfires and enjoy outdoor cooking, in the same time as we try to clean some of the lands to make a garden, we take trips to the forest to pick mushrooms and other eatable things, chopping lots of wood and try to get the best out of every day


Iโ€™m looking for an open-minded, hardworking and still relaxing, engaged, happy person who likes nature and enjoys meeting new people. We like to make fun and are not afraid of manual work – as this place mostly, surprisingly enough, has that kind of work – we hope you are the same type. We like to have good energy, where everyone can be open with ideas and opinions.

  • I prefer long time stays – if we are comfortable around each other, of course.
  • A driverโ€™s license is a huge plus as there is no public transportation around the corner.
  • English skills are appreciated since I would love to learn more.
  • We do eat meat, and we donโ€™t mind if you are vegetarian or vegan or something else โ€“ we will find a way.
What else
  • The internet is slow, not always working, as it’s through the phones in the middle of the forest.
  • Toilet are a composting toilet – the toilet must be emptied – we have to take tours doing that.
  • Cooking and dishes – we have to take tours or help each other get those daily things done.
  • We have electricity – most of the time.
  • If you like to be really drunk/using drugs, often, this place is definitely not for you.
  • I have a blog/Instagram where I tell about the primitive life in a tent, and sharing lots of photos – I really love photographing – if you know a thing or two about making videos and stuff it would be extra cool!
To make it clear:
  • You will be living with us, if you don’t have your own home with you, we will share about the day to day work, I will provide with food, electricity, clothes washing and such things. We do have a car, if I feel safe letting you drive it, it will be fine with me. I go to the city about one time a week to buy what’s needed.
  • We have a wood stove for heating, it eat lots of wood in wintertime, and if you are staying for a longer period of time – and prefers to have your own tent – you will have to chop hell of a lot of wood to keep the cost down.
  • There is absolutely no money in this, as I’m a poor thing ’cause I spent all my money to be able to move out here. And I’m happy for that decision.
  • If you are a bit of a loner and still capable of being around people it would probably be perfect.
  • We like to go camping in free shelters around the country – we would love to show you the land. Trips are absolutely possible.
  • We all speak English, kind of ๐Ÿ˜…, and Danish – if you know one of these languages it will all be fine.



Looking forward to hearing from you ๐ŸŒฒ๐ŸŒฒ๐ŸŒฒ

To visit my page – unfortunately, it’s in Danish – Ude i naturen


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