Volunteer at Villa Vindravana Meditation and Yoga retreat center in Tuscany, Italy

volunteering in Tuscany - meditation retreat

Villa Vrindavana - logoWe are located on the slopes of the chianti hills in the region of Tuscany. The main building is a sumptuous Renaissance villa dating back to the first half of the sixteen century. It dominates the eighty hectares of property, with its lush woods and hundreds of olive plants. Classic Italian garden with a central fountain welcomes visitors. Beautiful exotic plants embellish the grounds and peacock freely roam the property.

The view all around is breathtaking!


volunteering in Tuscany - meditation retreatLifestyle in this unique place is based on the teachings of ancient Vedic texts like Bhagavad Gita that promote harmony, simplicity, mindfulness and devotion.

Many spiritually inclined or just curious people visit this place to experience ashram life where they can participate in the practices of Krishna Bhakti, yoga and meditation on a daily basis or longer.

The heart of this place is a Temple available for quiet meditation or for participation in conferences, ceremonies and kirtans -devotional singing.


For the volunteers, there is plenty of opportunities to engage in yoga, meditation and other spiritual activities (if they desire) besides daily required activities like helping with general maintenance, cleaning, gardening, orchards, cows, kitchens, etc.

Accommodation and food

Accommodation is a shared gender-based dormitory and we offer three fresh vegetarian (and vegan) meals a day.

The Exchange

volunteering in Tuscany - meditation retreat

Volunteers are expected to help out for up to 5 hours 5 days a week or 4 hours 6 days a week.

Minimum period they can stay is 2 weeks and maximum 2 months.

Longer stay is possible for those who wish to experience ashram life on a deeper level.

Dress code

As this is a community that propagates non violence and virtuous lifestyle meat eating, fish or eggs as well as drinking alcohol and taking drugs are not allowed.

Dress code is decent.

Please note that we do not provide towels.

We welcome all honest, friendly and hardworking helpers in exchange for a beautiful and unique experience.


+39 334 270 8134


Website http://www.villavrindavana.org


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17 thoughts on “Volunteer at Villa Vindravana Meditation and Yoga retreat center in Tuscany, Italy

  1. Wow! I really want to stay there ๐Ÿ™‚
    This year october i was volunteered in yoga retreat house in New south wales, australia.
    I hope i can make plan to go there next year.
    Are you open this chance for whole year??
    Looking forward to hearing from you soonest!

  2. I’d love to help others… I am an Egyptian professional electrician guy, is there any chance 4 me as a retired person to volunteer? I have a lot of time to do sports and help others now! Happy new year!

  3. Have tried multiple times to contact the host via email and the website. Still no reply am quite saddened by this.

  4. Hello, I am Silvia a professional yoga teacher. I was looking for a job (also volunteer) experience as a yoga teacher away from my city for the summer. Could I have more information about the opportunity to work at your place and your daily schedule?
    Best regards

    1. Dear Silvia, Voluntouring team here! ๐Ÿ™‚
      The hosts might not be able to see the comments. Please, feel free to get in touch with them by sending them a message using the contact provided in the contact details section. Thank you. We wish you a nice volunteering/work experience.

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