Hiring dancers + dance instructors in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

Job as a dance instructor


My company, Feel the Sound, offers cultural exchange programs through music and dance.

We are currently based in Rio de Janeiro, though are expanding in the forthcoming year.

We are currently hiring dancers to teach classes in Rio.

We are also open to talking with instructors/dancers from other places to prepare for our upcoming expansion. (Especially those in Chile, Peru + Bolivia!)


Feel the Sound is a dance program which influences societies to live at their greatest potential. Using sound and movement, we educate, empower, and expand societies to be their best self. We are currently based in Rio de Janeiro with the intention to expand within the forthcoming year.

2 parts of the organization:

1) Cultural immersion

Feel the Sound offers dance classes born and/or practised in Brazil. The organization anticipates growing into other countries in the forthcoming year. Packages of classes are sold to travellers, and classes will be marketed and open for locals to attend. By using music and movement, we are able to share culture and expand awareness. Classes are taught by local artists who are encouraged to bring all their creativity and perspectives to each class.

2) Community connection

Feel the Sound sponsors classes for single mothers. These classes give time to escape any other pressures and responsibilities by falling into the music and movement. Care for children is provided during the hour class, at the class location.


Feel the Sound is recruiting dancers to teach classes for both branches of the organization.

We are recruiting dancers who can prove their skills and knowledge of dance originating in your home country and/or of great passion to you.

We are looking to create a family, a welcoming environment where people want to spend their time. Not just a casual job with no commitment. There is room to grow with the organization and be a leader for the program.

Requirements include:

  • -Reliable
  • – Honest
  • -Positive attitude
  • – Creative
  • – Desire to learn
  • -Confidence
  • – Curiosity
  • – Ability and desire to choreograph
  • – Ability to communicate and work on the team
  • – English is a plus, though not required
  • – Teaching experience is a plus, though not required

When / how

All accepted teachers will receive teacher training by a global instructor, Michelle de Abreu. Michelle, the owner of Feel the Sound, has trained and taught in New York City, Los Angeles, Barcelona, Athens, Milan, and Bangkok.
She will lead a ยฝ day training on the best methods of teaching an effective class. Topics include inserting energy into the class, communication skills, preparation, body awareness, how to teach with injuries/disabilities, and spotting muscular micro movements.


a) Cultural immersion classes – An hourly rate will be paid to instructors.

In addition:

Instructors are encouraged to promote their classes to local friends, family, etc. Each additional participant an instructor brings to class, the instructor will receive 20% of the ticket.

b) Community connection classes – An hourly rate will be paid to instructors. An incentive will be offered for those who expand and secure the project in other locations within or outside the city.

Contact details

To submit applications, E-mail or WhatsApp:

  • FeeltheSoundBrazil@gmail.com
  • +34 603 199 935
  1. – Resume
  2. – 2 video clips of you dancing, at least 40 seconds long
  3. – Contact information, phone, Whatsapp, address
  4. – A statement about what sound and movement means to you
  5. – General availability
  6. – Anything else you want Michelle to know or see (Instagram account, future dreams etc.)


Our website: www.FeeltheSound.co

Job post in Portuguese: https://www.feelthesound.co/recrutamento

Author: Voluntouring staff

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