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Hey All,

This is Yen Anh (Lavender) from The Lab.

The Lab is a small community/language centre that tries to promote youth empowerment through education. We’re located in the beach city of Vung Tau, Vietnam. We improve critical thinking and design thinking skills for students through communication and academic (Sociology) classes, raise awareness about the ocean environment through Beach cleaning projects, and culture development through national events. We create an open, friendly environment where LGBTQ communities, yoga clubs, dancing clubs and coding clubs come and do activities

Volunteer profile

We’re looking for a volunteer to help with our “After School Program” (ASP). This program will work with kids from 4-15 in helping them be creative, open-minded and sympathetic.

Volunteers can expect to work around 20-25 hours per week.

10 hours leading the after-school program from 5 pm to 7 pm, every day Monday through Friday, and the rest of the time planning for those classes or organizing other community events like beach cleanups or supporting the LGBTQ community through their events.

Free Accommodation

In exchange, we’ll provide free housing accommodation. We’re looking for volunteers who can stay for around 5 weeks at a time. 1 week for orientation and 4 weeks for the program.

You will stay in local houses, we pay the accommodation fee for you. There’s potential to extend and also tutor another side for extra income.

Those pictures are some of the events that we hosted/co-hosted such as Coding Club, English club, Dancing Club, Survival training, Design thinking class, Volunteer orientation days, Yoga Club, Movie nights for raising awareness about LGBTQ community, etc. Besides, ASP you can lead your own projects also.

If you’re interested, feel free to use the contact details to get in touch.




55/2A Phan Chu Trinh
Vung Tau
Call +84 254 6558 001

Author: Voluntouring staff

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5 thoughts on “Volunteer at ‘The Lab’, small community in Vung Tau, Vietnam

  1. Hello I’m very interested in volunteering with you. I would need some further information about the length of the say that I can possibly have and the paperwork that we need to do or where to apply. I’m a question are there any application fees that I have to pay or just the tickets to get there? Thank you

    1. Hi Dimitra, according to the organization announcement there are no fees to pay. You get food and accommodation in exchange for a maximum of 25 hours of help.
      To get in touch with the Organization please see the ‘Contact Details’ section at the end of the announcement.

  2. Hey this is Jenny from China. I just noticed your post and I am interested in this. I am working as a teacher in the university .i speak English and teach Chinese to foreigner. I am wondering if I can join you and do some volunteer work for my summer vacation which could be stay at least 4weeks.keep in touch

  3. Hello, I m currently staying in Ho Chi Minh City as a Volunteer English and German language teacher / tutor. My committment will run another 3 months and then I could take over from October 2019 on. I have now teaching experience as a have beginner and intermediate students, and toddlers 5- 7 years old as well. Please get in touch with me to talk about this.

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