Volunteer in Sierra Leone at the West Africa Child Fund

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WacFund: Sierra Leone exchange and volunteering opportunities

Sierra Leone exchange & charity project โ€“WacFund project aims at providing support to orphans and vulnerable children so as to enable them to live a better life like other children in the country. We offer an exchange opportunity in Sierra Leone for changemakers and idealist people!

These children are orphaned from such things as HIV/AIDS, outbreak of disease, (Ebola) armed conflict. With no one to care for them, many of these children suffer from hunger and malnutrition. Sierra Leone is one of the poorest countries in the world, with a long history of civil war, political turmoil, and economic strife.

Added to this dangerous mix has been the spread of HIV/AIDS, as well as various other contagious deadly diseases such as the Ebola virus. The government currently lacks the resources to care for its population…

[Read Ishmail interview: being a Host in Sierra Leoneย Ishmail is a co-founder of WacFund]

COVID-19 Updated 10/07/2020

The airports in Sierra Leone are re-opening soon precisely the 22nd of July 2020! My small organization is looking forward to hosting voluntourists! Read my announcement carefully. โ€“ Ishmael

What types of activities?
  • Fundraising,
  • Education,
  • Cultural exchange.
What will I experience?

Volunteers are welcome to the beautiful land of Sierra Leone in the cost of West Africa.

Sierra Leone borders with the Republic of Guinea in the north and northeast. Liberia is to the east and southeast and the Atlantic ocean on the west and south. It has 402KM of coastline. Sierra Leone has everything adventurous travellers could want, empty beaches, rainforest jungle with monkeys swinging through the tree a fascinating heritage and harm welcome people. But its troubled history of civil war and Ebola outbreak mean that few visitors actually make it here. Sierra Leone is working hard to get back on track. The effort is going well, too gone are the days of rebel and government division.

Sierra Leone is fully reconciled and recovered and the country is moving on and its time to return, before everyone else does. Volunteer in Sierra Leone with west Africa Child Fund, as a volunteer in Sierra Leone you can help improve the quality of life by participating with fundraising children projects, teaching and community development project.

No matter what your background or experience is, in even just a short amount of time, you will see how much your involvement help to local children. Volunteer work opportunities in Sierra Leone focus on rebuilding works, schools, hospital and orphanages.

How many volunteers do you usually need?

1/ 10

When do you usually need volunteers? For how long?

One month

How many hours are the volunteers expected to help?


How many days of help per week?

Five days

Are accommodation and food included?


What type of accommodation can you provide?
  • Private home (Ishmael’s rented home) The accommodation is free for the volunteers.
What are the volunteers’ benefits?


Fees transparency

There is no daily or monthly fee to be paid. If it’s in your possibility, we recommend you to make a daily donation toward our organization.

The accommodation is free. However, you will have to pay for your own food.ย We currently don’t have enough resources to cover for the food.

Visa – can you provide Visa support/info?

Unfortunately, no. I might help you find information and other assistance. You can get a VISA once you arrive here in Sierra Leone, but it costs some money.

Which language will be spoken?


How to get there? (Costs and Transportation)

Around 20$ from the main airport to here

Is there internet access?



We will get back to you ASAP!
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Some pictures from Wacfund:

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