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Women in Burundi are vastly underrepresented at all levels of decision making in the government.

women empowerment, mafoba, mamas for burundi, volunteering opportunities, black volunteer volunteer program, donation The phenomenon of sexual violence, particularly against women and children, is common in the country. The Initiative for Peacebuilding noted in a 2010 study on gender issues in Burundi that there is a strong correlation between areas of intense military activity and high incidences of sexual violence. [Source]

For this reason, MAFOBA is trying to build a Center for Recovery and Orientation of Women in Burundi – Street Girls and Sex Workers. The centre will be called KWIZERA.

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You can keep reading more info about the building of the centre, or you can consider applying as a volunteer at MAFOBA.

To donate for MA.FO.BA. cause you can use this form or directly do it from the official website.

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€4,800 of €13,000 raised
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Description of the program:

Installation of a center for the recovery and orientation of street women and girls, among which

  • widows,
  • orphans,
  • survivors of sexual violence,
  • female ex-combatants
  • and / or their sex worker dependents

all of them which were victims of abuse and sexual assault, of physical, material and financial violence to which they are daily victims. The part of their partners/men.

Mafoba NGO is a place of transit to guide them in specialized structures for effective management (psychological, medical, legal and economic…)

Objectives of the program

Re-socialize the many street women and girls and sex workers who are victims of the physical, sexual, psychological and financial violence of the city of Bujumbura through listening and orientation in the specialized structures of the city. the care.

Specific objectives:
  1. Set up a recovery and orientation center with a capacity of 30 per month,
  2. Raise awareness, mobilize and raise awareness of the mass of people against abuse of women, working girls
  3. Report to the relevant authorities abuses and violations against street girls, sex workers and identify potential perpetrators
Key results and activities of the program:
  • 8 MAFOBA facilitators are trained for the needs of center operations and support for victims
  • Equipment for the center performing (bed, mattress, television …) installed and operational
  • Attendance, denunciations of cases and orientation, having a large audience, and services that correspond to the real needs of the victims.
  • Decrease in cases of abuse, aggression and violence against street women and girls and sex workers.
Priority areas:
  • Fight against GBV (gender-based violence), denunciation and advocacy, empowerment of women and girls on various themes of specific rights relating to women’s rights and peace
National Partner:
  • Ministry of Gender,
  • Solidarity and Human Rights,
  • Ministry of Youth,
  • Sports and Culture
Duration of the program: 12 months

Scheduled start date: 4/03/2019

Area of program coverage: Bujumbura-town hall

Total cost of the program:

13,000 Euros

Can’t donate? You can still become a volunteer!

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