Volunteer at a eco coffee farm in Cajamarca, Peru

Fundo Ecológico Tamborapa

Volunteer activities on an eco coffee farm plantation site. – We know that life in cities is stressful and hard. Every single day we have got to deal with noise, bad mood, traffic, problems and many similar things. This is the main reason we are always trying to disconnect from this reality and take a deep breathe as well as we charge energies.

We offer you the chance to escape from this situation while you are helping us with a familiar project we have got in the northern rainforest of Peru.

Update 26/07/2020

If you are still stuck in Peru and you want to volunteer and help us, we are in need of some help. Our family runs a small eco-farm called Villa Mechita in the city of Piura (10 km outside in the way to Eastern).

Basically the work means to help us with feeding animals, gardening, and maintaining. We also are trying to reforest this part of the desert and plant some native trees.

What we need and what we offer :
  • 2 volunteers
  •  Food and accommodation included.
  • 7 days minimum period.
  • 4 – 5 hours/ day activities.
Our project

wwoof in PeruWe belong to a long and old coffee producer family. We have got around thirty hectares of lands of which we are working five of them with coffee, cacao and other fruits like oranges and bananas.

Our project consists to develop the farm in a sustainable and organic way, improving quality of coffee through the right processes without using chemical products (herbicides, pesticides) and protecting the environment.

We also try to improve the family’s quality of life.

The team is my family (parents, brothers and cousins) and we all work together to achieve this project.

We all like the spirit of volunteering and the strength of people who really want to discover how is the coffee process is while they protect the environment.

Food and accommodation

Free food and accommodation, offered

Location: how to get here
Huaquillo is small village located in Tamborapa Pueblo which is a town of San Ignacio district, part of Cajamarca region in the northeast part of Peru close to the border of Ecuador. It is a beautiful village surrounded by nature and wildlife, it has got amazing cascades and offers the chance of doing good trekking.

You have got two ways to get to Tamborapa Pueblo, from Piura or from Jaen

  1. Piura – Huancabamba: 7 hours and 30 soles ($9); Huancabamba – Tamborapa Pueblo: 3 hours and 25 soles ($7)
  2. Jaen – Tamborapa: 4 hours and 25 soles ($7)

As soon as you arrive in Tamborapa Pueblo you will contact with Victor`s family who lives in the town and they will show you the way to go to Huaquillo (20 min in mototaxi and 10 soles ($3) or walking 2 hours).

Activities and volunteering opportunities

We need to help with no more than 6 volunteers at the same time. The hours’ system is 25 – 30 hours/week.

We have separated two big groups of activities to do during the volunteering:

Activities in the camp:
  • About the coffee: Harvesting, field cleaning to planting and planting.
  • Harvesting different fruits like oranges, sugar cane, bananas.
  • Cow management ( feeding, moving, etc).
  • Wood chopping.
  • Construction of vegetable garden.
Activities in the house:
  • Construction of a cleaning garbage system (including compost).
  • Construction of paths from the road to the entry of the house and inside of it.
  • Preparation of the ground in the house for the ceramic and other tiles or Wood/rocks.
  • Construction of simple house furniture (support for candles, kitchen tools, support of clothes, etc).
  • Improve the house like fixing windows, tools.
  • Help for cooking.
  • Childcare /teaching/walking to school.
  • Cow management (feeding, moving, etc).
  • Wood chopping.
  • Construction of vegetable garden.
What to bring:
  • Gloves to work
  • Headlines
  • Card games
  • Pillows
  • Mosquito repellent.
  • Sleeping bags
  • Own food (if you have a specific alimentary regim)
Where do you sleep:

The conditions of living are very simple and basic (no electricity, no internet, no warm water in the shower) and volunteers share a room in basic bed with protection for mosquitos.

Which language:

Only Spanish or intermediate Spanish at least.

What else:

In your free time, you can do trekking and exploring the área like the three waterfalls and improve your Spanish with the family and the locals in Huaquillo.


Facebook: www.facebook.gom/elgoiko
Whatsapp +51975663888

E-mail us: ggoicog@outlook.es

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  1. Hola, me interesaría hacer voluntariado en una finca de café. Sería posible venir y ayudar solo para una semana? 6.-12. de mayo? Gracias por su respuesta 🙂


    Miroslava Krsakova

    1. Hola Miroslava, mucho gusto! Por favor utiliza el correo electronico para contactar la finca. Puede ser que los ‘host’ no puedan leer el message en los comentarios. Mucha suerte. 🙂

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