Experience a community lifestyle in Koper, Slovenia

Intentional community in Slovenia

Live and taste the life of a small Intentional community in Slovenia

Sunny Hillย is a cooperative located in the rural region of Slovenian Istria and consists of a small group. They aim for a sustainable way of life they term “luxurious simplicity.” Around 80% of their vegetable requirements are sourced from their permaculture garden. The cooperative employs dry toilets and rid beds for wastewater management, allowing them to recycle all water from their kitchen and bathrooms for garden use. Currently, there are three permanent members residing in the house. Frequently, friends and guests visit, becoming temporary members of their community. They sometimes conduct workshops or host gatherings. The property is enveloped by nature, offering a serene ambience.


Volunteers assist with everyday chores, garden work, wood preparation, and construction. There’s a particular emphasis on gardening from March to October and milking goats from April to November. In return, volunteers can learn yogurt and cheese-making.


The members of the community are proficient in English, Croatian, and Italian.



Accommodations include a renovated house with a shared volunteers’ room that houses six beds. The place offers amenities like dry toilets, hot showers, and a communal kitchen. Meals are largely vegetarian, prepared from organic ingredients, and there’s a focus on environmental sustainability, including recycling water and using eco-friendly products. The house is equipped with Wi-Fi.

Intentional community in Slovenia

The host values openness and adaptability. Volunteers are expected to be proactive and share in household responsibilities. While there’s a general structure to the day, flexibility exists based on immediate needs. Volunteers can suggest activities or simply enjoy the peaceful surroundings. A month’s stay is ideal for acclimatizing and integrating. Local attractions include hiking trails, nearby towns like Piran, Izola, and Portoroz, and transportation options from Koper to Hrvoji or Belvedur, though weekend buses are unavailable.

How to join Sunny Hills in Slovenia? – Different options

There are several ways to become part of the Sunny Hill community, for a few days, a few weeks, a few months, or… who knows!

[Before continuing reading: The community cannot pay for your flight costs nor provide for VISA or invitation letters!]

Volunteering hospitality exchange in Slovenia

You can offer your help to our intentional community as a volunteer in exchange for hospitality.

In this regard, you can write us an e-mail:


Food and accommodation

The community offers hospitality (food & accommodation) in exchange for about 5-6 hours a day)

Laboratories & Workshops

You can take part in Spring and Summer workshops published on the official website.

Free visit option

You can come here as a volunteer or you can come as a temporary guest, visiting and get to know Sunny Hillย (in Sloven: Sonฤni griฤ), for one or more days.

You can re-pay the hospitality with a “point of balance” formula. The economic contribution for the hospitality is completely voluntary and anonymous, based on the trust and on the economic possibilities of the offerer.

Point of balance hospitality

“We accept contributions based on the “Point of Balance“. The point of equilibrium is the quantity that makes those who give and those who receive feel good.

For example, a contribution of EUR 50 is desirable, but those who travel cannot afford it, so maybe they can leave only 20 euros, and that’s fine! Those who have a regular income and are more wealthy, are encouraged to pay a fair price and, if possible, extra coverage for those who can not pay at all. This is one of the principles of the gift economy and so far it works well. We hope not to change it.

The money that we collect from donations, adding to the monthly quota of each member of the community, will go to cover and secure financial community expenses.

Bartering is also accepted, that is bringing food, agricultural products, work tools and other useful goods.Intentional community in Slovenia, Sunny hill

Sunny Hill – Open intentional community

Sunny Hill is basically an open community, happy to host any time of the year.ย Of course, whatever length of stay or whatever your exchange proposal is, it is always good to notify the community of your arrival in good time!

Intentional community in Slovenia
dormitory – volunteer room


Official website: Sonฤni griฤ – Official website

Facebook page: Sonฤni griฤ Fb page

E-mail: sunnyhillslovenia@gmail.com

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