Online volunteering: many opportunities in the field of translation

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Give value to your own time: discover the many opportunities to help from home

Online Volunteering โ€“ Discover the many opportunities to volunteer from home in the field of translation. In a moment of a global crisis in which mobility has been reduced to a minimum and traditional social relations have been also heavily affected, the voluntary world can be one of our greatest resources. Beyond the numerous initiatives born at the local level to help contain the emergency, the third sector has thought of moving online, to allow even those who cannot leave home to make a contribution in compliance with the practice of social distancing and helpย organizations/people with fewer resources.

Here are some online volunteer opportunities, especially for translators:

Translators without Borders

translators volunteersTranslators Without Borders is looking for volunteers to translate texts and help manage the association’s work. To apply as a volunteer, you must have a good knowledge of at least one language other than your native language.

The translations may concern medical texts in response to the crisis, but also other topics. The organization is also looking for fundraisers interested in contributing to their work.



The task of the LibriVox volunteers consists in reading and recording chapters of books in the public domain, that is, books that are no longer copyrighted, with the aim of making them available for free to all, thanks to the support of the Internet. Texts and recordings are uploaded in all languages.

LibriVox welcomes volunteers with no previous experience or special language skills.



The Smithsonian Institution is an education and research institute and museum complex, specializing in the digitalization and electronic rewriting of texts. The institute is constantly looking for a real army of digital writers who want to help decipher and rewrite texts ranging from botany, art, science, to works of historical interest.


Gutenberg project

project gutenbergProject Gutenberg (Project Gutenberg) is an initiative created by a computer scientist, Michael Hart, to create an electronic library of freely reproducible texts, the so-called eBooks.

The project is actively looking for volunteers with particular linguistic skills and interested in helping out in the correction of digital texts, CDs and DVDs for people without Internet access, in the search for paper books without copyright restrictions that can be digitized and much more.


UN Online Volunteering

UN Online Volunteering is an initiative that is part of the United Nations international volunteering program, linked to online volunteering. In the Translation and Writing and Editing section of the site, you can check all the open positions for volunteers who want to try translating texts.


Voluntouring web project

Volunteer programs, volunteer opportunities, volunteering, voluntouring, logo, voluntourOur web project needs volunteer help with:

  • social media pages (Facebook, Instagram, youtube, etc.)
  • text proofreading (English)
  • web design
  • graphic designers
  • NGO, cultural association and organizations promotion
  • post writers, authors, storytellers, influencers, volunteering inspirators

For more info, write to

For more ONLINE volunteer programs, go to the Online opportunities section

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