Volunteer in a Theme Park in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic ๐Ÿ‡ฉ๐Ÿ‡ด

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We are Hacienda park, a theme park placed in Punta Cana which offer 7 outstanding activities to our customers. Located 45 minutes from the hotel area, we are in the middle of the Dominican jungle, surrounded by nature. We are offering several positions in the park, such as horseback riding guide, zipline guide and park guide. You will be part of the multinational staff, which help you to live an unforgettable experience in the Caribbean!

What type of host are you?
  • Private/Individual/family
What are you looking for help with?
What’s the mission of your community?

Our mission is to offer the chance to know the Dominican Republic as an ideal destination to live and develop your career. Our park is a “must” for tourists in the Punta Cana area and we are working hard to continue being a reference for them. We are looking for people with a passion for service and an interest in growing.

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How many volunteers could you host?
  • Other (specify in the general info)
When would you need volunteers?

All year long

How many hours of help per day?

8 hours of help per day (Full Time)

How many days of help per week?

5 days per week – 2 days off

Note about the volunteer work and other expectations

You will be part of the park staff and develop your job in the selected area. We will provide accommodation in the tourist area and offer you transportation to go and return from your house to the park. Besides, we will help you with 300 US$ monthly. Of course, lunch is included in the park during your working days.

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Are accommodation and food included?

Yes, we offer food and accommodation

What type of accommodation can you provide?
  • Dormitory/shared rooms
Diet – nutrition information

We offer traditional Dominican food, which includes fruits and salads. Anyway, all the staff can bring their own food in case they prefer.


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Fees transparency

No, there are no fees at all.

VISA – Could you provide Visa support/info/invitation letters?

Yes, we can help with Visa/invitation letters

Volunteers’ benefits:
  • 300 us$ monthly payment,
  • flight ticket from its country

English or Spanish is a must (1 of them). Others are welcomed

How to get to your site

You will arrive in the park on a bus from the living area. We provide it to our staff.

Is there internet access?


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ย https://lahaciendapark.com/
Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/lahaciendaparkrd
Hostname: La Hacienda Park
Email ๐Ÿ“ง: ccosma@grupointerparks.com

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